“It’s a chapter of my life that I’ll never forget. You arrive with tons of theoretical knowledge, but you don’t yet feel like a professional.”

Gabriel, Spain

Doble Máster en Abogacía y Asesoría Jurídica de Empresas

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Gabriel Llull

About me

I’m from Mallorca, specifically Son Servera, a town located in the northeast part of the island. I see myself as a restless, non-conformist and disciplined person, as well as a good friend. Before diving into the legal profession, I was a competitive athlete for six years. My time at IE University has given me the knowledge and confidence needed to enter the professional world. It has taught me the value of effort, teamwork and camaraderie.

Gabriel Llull, Spain


Master’s student

Gabriel Llull - Student Story | IE Law School

What are you passionate about?

One of my passions is sports: I love to go cycling with my dad, my brother or my cycling group.  I also love the sea: I really enjoy sailing, and it’s a place where I can relax and disconnect from everything.  Another one of my big passions is law, and I have a blog where I share my reflections on the world of corporate law. If you want to check it out, you can find me at @legal_llull or www.gabrielllull.com.


What professional and academic experience did you have before doing the Doble Máster en Abogacía at IE Law School?

In regards to my academic training previous to the master’s, I graduated from CES Cardenal Cisneros with an undergraduate degree in law. At the same university, I also completed two postgraduate programs: Economic Criminal Law, and Digital Regulation and Cybersecurity.  During my time as an undergraduate student, I won the scholarship for academic excellence of the Community of Madrid and was a finalist for the Young Lawyers Award.  Furthermore, the National Council of Law Students included my academic record as one of the 50 best from the 2021 graduating class.


Why did you choose IE University for your Doble Máster en Abogacía?

I chose IE University for the quality of its professors, its innovative education system and the high rate of employability of its graduates: three factors that give you a competitive edge when it comes time to enter the job market.

In fact, some of the lawyers that were named as stars of the legal profession in 2021 by the newspaper Expansión are our professors.  To be able to learn from them and their experience gives us guidance as we take our first steps into a world as challenging as the high-level legal world.


What interested you most about the program?

There are many things, but one of the main ones is the environment of the IE Community.  Every week, you’ll find extremely interesting events and can meet students that aren’t in the same program as you, which allows you to share ideas and projects and even do business.  On the other hand, I really liked the practical format of the classes, which gives you a decisive view of what you need when you join the workforce. The ease of doing networking and the importance that it was given from the start of the program was also very interesting to me.


Where would you like to work after completing the master’s degree? How is IE University helping you achieve that goal?

My dream has always been to work in the legal department of one of the famous Big Four.  Thanks to my training, my prior experience, and everything IE Law School has given me, in September I will begin as a legal trainee at PwC Tax and Legal.  IE Talent & Careers and its personal advisors have been a great help during this time, as they’re the ones that help you look for work in your area of interest and who advise you based on your qualities and characteristics.


What advice would you give to someone who is considering doing your program?

Don’t give it a second thought. Choose IE University.  It’s so different from what we’re used to seeing at Spanish universities, where we get a lot of theory but little practice.  At IE Law School, it’s completely different, and even theory is taught in a practical way. Professionally, you are better prepared for the reality of the working world, and personally, the campus environment helps you grow and meet exceptional people.


Where do you see yourself in the next five or ten years?

I see myself in Madrid, working at a big firm or one of the Big Four in the capital markets or corporate department, all while teaching part-time. I’m also interested in the idea of founding my own firm at some point in the future. Not a traditional firm, but one that adapts to the changing world.


Summarize your experience at IE University in a few words.

It’s a chapter of my life that I’ll never forget.  You arrive with tons of theoretical knowledge, but you don’t yet feel like a professional: here, you become a professional.  I’ve learned the value of effort, teamwork and camaraderie. I’ve also been lucky enough to always be surrounded by extraordinary people in a motivated, diverse and international atmosphere.


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