"During the master’s program, we were encouraged to think outside the box and put forward non-traditional solutions. "

Ignacio, Spain

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Ignacio Zabala

About me

I’m Ignacio Zabala Alonso, from Madrid. I studied a double degree in Law and Political Science, before deciding to take the legal path.
Before taking that decision, I came close to going down a different path and studying engineering. That’s because I’ve always been interested in the dynamic and ever-changing world of technology, but back then I just wasn’t sure how I’d break into it. My interest in legal practice stemmed from my desire to understand the world from a social perspective and to help others. That’s what led me to choose the above-mentioned studies.
During the course, we had the opportunity to study broadly a field of law which is rapidly expanding: new technology, although these days I think it’s better to just refer to it as "technology". I saw a way to combine my two passions through this area of study, which is why I wanted to learn about the field in the best way possible.
That’s how I came to IE. The program I took not only adapts to the changing realities of the world of work, but also boasts some of the industry’s top professionals. It’s definitely been a worthwhile experience and it’s given me an appetite to keep working and learning. I’m currently working at Ecija.

Ignacio Zabala, Spain


Master's Student

Which are the main aspects that you would describe as differential and unique in your experience with IE??

IE’s practical approach and group projects really set its educational program apart, giving it extra value when it comes to making the jump into the professional world. Also, over time, you realize that the knowledge you acquire throughout the program is far easier to get your head around when you’re asked to apply it to practical cases and put forward real solutions.

Which fundamental teachings will you bring with you in your personal and professional future?

At IE, I’ve learned that you can go as far as you strive. That’s what determines your success—not where you started. I’ve also realized the importance of communication when it comes to achieving your goals, since a collective effort is always better than an individual one.

How would you describe the master in three words?

A thrilling challenge.

How has it help your incorporation into the professional world?

At IE, I not only studied the legal side of things, but was also given training in other important areas in order to be successful in the competitive world of law. By this I mean so-called soft skills, which, I have learned, are just as important as technical knowledge. The guidance of the Careers Department also contributed to this knowledge, enabling me to channel everything I learned into the practicalities required for skills tests and job interviews.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned in the master’s program and do you apply to your professional life today?

The ability to innovate. During the master’s program, we were encouraged to think outside the box and put forward non-traditional solutions. This is extremely useful in the changing times in which we’re living, and colleagues and clients really appreciate it too.

What are your plans for the future?

To work hard to learn as much as I can from the best people around me, and to offer clients an increasingly high-quality service.

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