“I’m passionate about traveling, reading and in general using my free time to experience new things”

Isabella, Spain

Doble Master de Acceso a la Abogacía y Asesoría Jurídica de Empresas Bilingüe, (LL.M.)

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Isabella Ruiz de Rato

About me

Isabella is a young IE University Bachelor of Laws graduate, a current IE Ambassador and a Double Master in Lawyering and Corporate Law Bilingual (LL.M.) student at IE Law School. Among other things, she spent her last academic year studying abroad in Shanghai, China and she has participated in our Legal Clinic and Shadowing programs. Isabella has acted as an IE Mentor, helping new students integrate into the IE Community and she has participated in various national and international tournaments as a member of the IE Debate Club and in Moot Court competitions.

Isabella Ruiz de Rato, Spain


Master's Student

Where are you from?

The truth is, I consider myself to be from a lot of different places. I was born in Madrid, where I currently live. I lived in Seville for a long time, and since I was 10 years old I have lived in many different countries including Switzerland, England, Belgium and China. In that sense, I think I’ve been lucky enough to be able to enjoy and grow from the diverse cultures and experiences I’ve been exposed to in each place.


What experiences would you highlight from the Bachelor of Laws at IEU?

I would highlight the type of education I have received not only on an academic but also on a personal level. From an academic standpoint, the standards are very high: you are expected to not only learn theory but also to successfully analyze and solve real problems. From a personal perspective, the methodology which we work with, teaches you the importance of personal balance and continuous development.

The fact that the majority of our professors are practicing as professional lawyers has also been an important factor for me. Having been able to learn law in such a real, close-up and up-to-date context has allowed me to ground the discipline in its practical applications from the beginning.


Tell us about your year abroad in China. What did you learn from the experience, about the culture, and about the way they see law?

I believe that if we want to be able to grow and better ourselves, to remain in the same place, may not be the best strategy to follow. As stated in The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: Straight ahead (…), nobody can go very far”.

The enormous differences between the cultures, the languages and the characteristics of “The Great Asia” helped me consider the possibility of traveling through, living and working in China as an enticing challenge.

From the experience itself, I learned that everything has always a solution and the importance of being able to think of it. From the local culture, I learned the importance of trying to fully understand your surroundings and where people are coming from when interacting with them. With regards to the way in which they see law, I consider that having been able to study in a global environment has enabled me to understand that occasionally, the grounds on which the application of rules are based, are built not only on the basis of legal principles but also on the evolution of the society itself.


What was the greatest challenge you faced during this experience?

The greatest challenge was rediscovering the real meaning of the word “globalization” when I landed alone for the first time in a city of over 25 million people, aiming to make it on my own.


What are your hobbies/interests? What do you like to do in your free time?

I am passionate about traveling, reading and in general investing my free time in experiencing new things. Traveling allows me to meet new people and experience different cultures and environments that help me and teach me to be able to continuously improve myself and to develop my adaptability and resilience abilities. Reading allows me to explore new realities and to contemplate different perspectives, which pushes me to expand my own horizons.


Why did you decide to study law?

Since I was very young, I have been passionate about history and psychology. It was because of this and also based on my understanding that law, along with being a fundamental tool for the resolution of conflicts in various contexts; is the perfect combination between history and sociology, since legal regulations and their grounds evolve for and on behalf of the societies they rule.


What are your plans upon completing the Double Master in Lawyering and Corporate Law Bilingual (LL.M.)?

Since I am so drawn to law and its practice, I will be starting next September at a large Spanish law firm with an international presence. Because of the opportunities this law firm offers, I have also considered pursuing another LL.M. in the future to continue my legal training and to entertain the possibility of practicing law in other jurisdictions.


What areas of law interest you and why?

Currently, the two areas that interest me the most are Corporate law and Litigation.

On the one hand, I enjoy Litigation because I have always loved debating. The perspective of being able to use the interpretation of law within the conflict resolution field thrills me. On the other hand, I like Corporate law since it includes planning and advising on big transactions within different sectors, both nationally and internationally, and it provides you with a very global and dynamic perspective when it comes to the application of law.


Do you think that IE gives you a more global and comparative view of law? 

Undoubtedly yes. Some of the most valuable aspects of IE are its global approach and environment. In both my undergraduate and masters programs and from the beginning, the exchange of ideas between students and professors from different countries, specializations and jurisdictions was actively encouraged. Additionally, we practice a methodology based on the study of national law and its constant comparison to other legal systems.


How do you think technology has influenced the practice of law? And, how do you think it will affect you (and your generation) in the near future?

The enormous impact caused by the technological revolution, the globalization and the increase in competition, as well as the level of expertise required within the legal sector; has brought the imperative need of implementing new systems which favour more profitable, efficient and affordable solutions. Within this context, innovation and the implementation of technological resources such as big data, artificial intelligence, document automation and cloud computing in our professional settings is essential.

I believe that as it happens with most changes, the impact of technology on the practice of law can become a getaway to new opportunities within our sector for my generation.


What are your professional goals?

Currently, and since I still have a lot to learn, to work and to travel, it’s hard for me to think of a specific place or country where I can see myself. What I am sure of, is that my main goal at this stage is to continue learning, bettering and growing within the legal world so that one day (hopefully sooner than later) I can make significant contributions to the legal profession.


Besides her great interest in law, Isabella is also an influencer. Check out her Instagram!


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