"One of the most valuable lessons I learned during the master’s program was the importance of complementing technical expertise with skills in other areas, from managing clients to financial issues."

Jesús, Spain

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Jesús Moas

About me

After graduating from Law and Political Science, in 2018 I began IE Law School’s Doble Máster en Abogacía y Asesoría Fiscal de Empresas, in order to pursue my vocation for legal practice and keen interest in tax law.

As I had been living in Brussels until I began my bachelors, IE’s internationality and diversity were also determining factors for me.

After graduating in 2019, as part of the Dean’s List, I joined the tax law department of a top Spanish law firm.

Jesús Moas, Spain


Master's Student

What are the aspects that have made your experience at IE Law School unique?

For me, the professionalism and dedication that the programs demanded was a key part of the experience.

Aside from the technical content of the master’s program, those challenging requirements are what make the experience so intense and transformative for students. It’s what turns them into true professionals.

Could you tell us about a special moment from your experience at IE Law School?

I fondly remember the times spent with my master’s classmates, who have become good friends.

All the times we shared, from working on group projects to the trip we took to celebrate finishing our master’s, made the program also worthwhile from a personal point of view.

Why did you choose to do a program at IE Law School? Why are you glad you did?

When I chose the master’s program at IE Law School, my main motivations were factors such as its clear focus on professional skills and its international reputation.

After this year, although I still appreciate all of the above, I’m especially grateful for the sense of community present within the school. I have been fortunate to coincide with top professionals who helped bring out the best in me throughout the program, and whose continued support I know I can count on in my professional life.

How would you describe your master’s program in three words?

Team, effort and change.

How has it helped you enter the working world?

The fact that the program covered areas directly related to finding employment and selection processes proved particularly useful when it came to entering the workforce.

On the other hand, the practical approach of IE Law School’s programs gives you technical knowledge specifically designed for use in an everyday working environment.

Thanks to all of this, we are better prepared when it comes to getting the job we’re looking for and to practice our profession effectively.

It’s also clear that IE Law School’s reputation and connections with the world of big business make it a privileged platform for all students to elevate their profiles and to increase their opportunities.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned in the master’s program that you apply to your professional life today?

One of the most valuable lessons I learned during the master’s program was the importance of complementing technical expertise with skills in other areas, from managing clients to financial issues.

In the current legal landscape, especially in corporate tax consultancy, we must do far more than simply offer a legal response to a specific issue.

During my time at IE University, I gained the global vision I needed to be able to offer proactive, comprehensive and aligned advice with the needs of the client and their business.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are focused on continuing to dedicate myself to tax law.

That’s why I hope that this internship is just the start of a long career as a tax lawyer.

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