"I also see that technology is taking a logical place within the industry of legal services."

Leonardo, Venezuela

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Leonardo Britto

About me

I graduated from the Andrés Bello Catholic University (UCAB) in Caracas, Venezuela, where I first discovered my passion for law as both a discipline and profession. I went on to study at IE Law School, where I got an LL.M. in business law and a degree in tax law. I like to think of IE as a kind of a second home—I started studying at IE in 2007, and recently I’ve started teaching here. I’ve been practicing law in Spain since 2009, so I’ve spent the last decade advising clients on international operations in an increasingly globalized climate.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve shared experiences with incredible individuals working at international firms, as well as lawyers, professors, civil servants and students. I’ve also had the pleasure of continuing to learn from these amazing people; it’s a really rewarding part of my job.

Today, I have the pleasure of working on the executive team at Seegman. As a partner at the firm, I’m working with the team to contribute to the increasingly global and competitive professional development taking place in the Ibero-American legal community.

Leonardo Britto, Venezuela


Executive Education

What led you to decide to pursue a master’s degree and several programs at IE Law School?

It was mainly because I felt a desire to enhance my legal knowledge and obtain the professional tools I’d need to continue growing in an international environment.

What stands out from your experience during the program?

The program’s intensity, as well as the discipline and knowledge I acquired during my time studying; however, above all, the people I met at IE stand out most. Today, I have an extensive network of personal and professional contacts—all of whom are close friends I met while I was at IE.

How was your study abroad experience at the National University of Singapore (NUS)? What did this experience mean for you as a practicing lawyer?

At NUS I had the pleasure of experiencing a higher level of commitment to the study of law. This helped me realize that in order to compete as a lawyer in a global environment, it’s important to push yourself in every respect.

What stands out from your experience (both professionally and personally) at IE Law School?  Are there any stories you’d like to share?

It’s a real pleasure going to a school like IE where I’ve been able to grow so much outside of my home country.

The incredible professional and personal network we gain is also hugely valuable. In fact, today as I was answering these questions, a close friend from my studies at IE visited me at my office. We spoke a lot about work and business, but we also got to reminiscing and laughing about old times! And we even called other classmates to see how everything was going with them.

From your point of view as a professor and student of law, what do you consider to be the greatest challenges that future lawyers will face?

Maintaining the rigor and depth of study while teaching law, and being able to relate this information back to the reality of the client’s business is one of the greatest challenges.

I also see that technology is taking a logical place within the industry of legal services. Currently, the profession doesn’t solely consist of writing documents or contracts from a purely legal standpoint⁠—we have to actively add value to the client’s business as well. Considering all of these factors, the lawyers who will remain among the elite within the sector will be those with the ability to apply their extensive legal knowledge to real-world situations. They’ll have to leverage their experience in negotiations, soft skills and in the practice of law to enhance processes and guarantee success for their client’s businesses.

What are the main differences between working in a company and at a law firm (regardless of whether you’re a partner or part of a larger team)?

When you’re working in the legal department of a company, law isn’t the star of the show. For example, if the company makes cars, the central priority would be things like production, logistics or marketing. However, at a law firm, the legal consultation service takes center stage. So, the report, the trial, the emails and the meetings are all product of what we deliver to our clients. All of the firm’s efforts are focused on ensuring that the legal consultation service offered is of the highest quality and is completely satisfactory to the client.

As a partner at Seegman, I’m convinced that lawyers are at the heart of the firm. For this reason, the firm has to focus on their importance both inside and outside of the workplace, while maintaining a high level of internal motivation, encouraging training initiatives and celebrating achievements. In this way, we promote a sense of belonging for everyone at the firm. We’re all in the same boat, and we’re sailing towards the same goal!


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