“My aim is to explain legal topics in a way that makes law accessible to everyone and offer an objective and depoliticized explanation.”

Lucía, Spain

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Lucía Gomá

About me

I’m Lucía Gomá or @LegallyLu on Instagram. I studied Law at University Carlos III of Madrid, and am an IE Law School alum of the Doble Máster en Abogacía y Asesoría Jurídica de Empresas.

I recently took the Spanish State Examination for Access to the Legal Profession, and am currently completing an internship in the litigation and arbitration department at Ontier. In my free time, I mainly focus on my Instagram account, but I’m also an editor for the foundation Hay Derecho. When I’m not online, I enjoy being with my family and friends, traveling, reading and listening to music.

Lucía Gomá, Spain


Master’s student

Tell us about Legally Lu. How did the idea come about? What topics do you cover?

Legally Lu came to be when I made a video for my friends explaining a specific legal issue. One of them pitched the idea of creating an Instagram account where I would discuss legal topics, and she was very supportive in helping me get started.

The account is dedicated to explaining the most relevant legal aspects of a wide variety of trending topics of general interest. I’ve chosen to use modern tools, such as social media, to share important information with the general population—the format is more visual, easier to consume, and adaptive.


What is your vision for Legally Lu? Where would you like it to go?

Currently, I see it as a hobby and a way to share my interest in current issues. The idea is to provide objective and easy-to-understand information on topics that can be complicated. My aim is to explain legal topics in a way that makes law accessible to everyone and offer an objective and depoliticized explanation.


What sparked your interest in social media and communication?

Like most of my generation, I use social networks daily. So, it’s been like second nature and an easy way for me to take advantage of the platform.

I’ve always loved learning about and discussing relevant issues. I participated in Model United Nations debates at university, so I’ve been working on both my debate and communication skills for a long time. These are both skills that can be learned and enhanced with the proper resources and tools.


How important are communication skills and the digital world in the legal sector?

They are incredibly important. Those working in the legal sector are sometimes criticized for their lack of clarity or for being difficult to understand. I think it’s essential to know how to communicate and present topics clearly. This is vital not only for litigators seeking to convince a judge, but for anyone who wishes to present legal alternatives or possibilities to a client.


What was your experience at IE Law School like and what would you highlight?

Apart from the amazing friends I made and how much fun I had, my year at IE Law School was fundamental in preparing me to work at a law firm. It was an intense year, and one where I learned a lot about law. I was able to apply this knowledge to real cases—most of the time while working in teams. This was different to how I was previously taught. Before IE Law School, I’d only ever learned the theory. The progress my classmates and I in just one year was incredible.


Apart from social media, what are you passionate about?

I’m a very sociable and family-oriented person, so I always have plans in my free time. I love to travel, even though it’s a bit more complicated now because of the pandemic. I also enjoy sailing, reading, watching movies, listening to music and spending time in the countryside.


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