“Every culture experiences law in its own way”

Marta, Spain

Doble Máster de Acceso a la Abogacía y Emprendimiento y Tecnología

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Marta Armenteros

About me

Marta Armenteros is a student of the Doble Máster de Acceso a la Abogacía y Emprendimiento y Tecnología. Her desire to contribute to society was what inspired her to study law. After graduation, she decided to continue her studies with this dual master from IE to take part in a degree that would allow her to become a lawyer with an innovative, global perspective. For her, the master combines the more human side of the profession with new technologies, something that embodies the present and future of the discipline. Moreover, this program stands out from the crowd due to its cutting-edge content and the overwhelming professionalism of its faculty. The combination of these aspects, as well as the valuable contributions of fellow students and group work dynamics, have greatly enriched her education. Throughout her IE experience, Marta has also benefitted from the IE Talent & Careers advisory services. Thanks to this service, she has started to explore new job opportunities, and now finds herself a step closer to living her dream of working in a law firm.

Marta Armenteros, Spain


Master's Student

Why did you decide to study law and do the Máster de Acceso a la Abogacía at IE?

I decided to study law because I believe that it is the area that best fits my interests and personal values. In my opinion, the legal profession is one of the areas that has the greatest impact on social welfare, because it aims to obtain a common good by ensuring compliance with judicial structures. I have always been a passionate person that has fought for what I believe is right. When I chose to do my undergrad in law, I knew that I would have the opportunity to put this passion into practice by finding solutions to the most complex problems. However, while I was studying my bachelor’s, I became more conscious of the difficulties involved in applying my problem-solving abilities to different areas of the legal world. For that reason, I decided to do the Máster de Acceso a la Abogacía, with the aim of delving into diverse areas and specializing in those that struck me as the most interesting.

I chose to do a master’s at IE because of their excellent reputation, as well as the institution’s continued efforts to improve year after year. In addition to the Máster de Acceso a la Abogacía, which is also mandatory in order to practice law, I discovered that IE offered a master’s in entrepreneurship and technology. Today, new technologies are a fundamental aspect of the legal profession, like in any other field. So, to me it seemed like an interesting option for my future professional career, given that there still aren’t a high number of experts in this area. Before starting the master’s, I attended several events organized by IE where future students could learn more about the content and objectives of the program. During these events, I had the opportunity to clear up any doubts and get to know the educational experience offered by the program through the first-hand accounts of a student representative from the previous year. Also, a family member knew the institution very well, and didn’t hesitate to recommend it to me for my postgraduate studies.


What areas of law interest you the most and why?

The areas of law that interest me the most are labor law and the law surrounding new technologies. I find labor law interesting because it requires immediate responses that pose satisfying challenges. There is also a human dimension that I especially identify with. Also, laws looking at emerging technology have become very interesting to me because of the innovative nature of this area, and the fact that this represents the present, and more importantly the future, of the profession. My intention is to specialize in both areas, and for that reason I wish to continue my education.


What about your IE Law School experience stands out, on both a personal and professional level? Any stories you’d like to share?

If I had to define my time at IE Law School, I would say that it was unique and very pragmatic experience. The master’s program provides a real-world vision of what it means to practice law, helping students familiarize themselves with what will soon be the day-to-day reality of their professional life. The professors who teach the classes are real experts in their different fields. On top of providing their knowledge, they contribute to the student’s development with their own professional experience, while expressing a genuine passion for their work. However, what really stands out from my experience was the opportunity to share it with my classmates, who practically became my family.


Do you believe that IE delivers a global and comparative vision of law?

While other institutions address each field in an independent and isolated manner, IE provides a global and transversal legal perspective, exposing, from a business focus, the interrelations that exist between the different branches of the discipline.


Have you had any experience abroad? What did you learn from the experience, from the culture and from the way that law is regarded outside of Spain?

I never did Erasmus during my undergrad, but I would like to have a similar experience abroad like that when I finish my master’s. I believe that it’s essential to get to know the individual and unique vision of law that exists in every culture.


What are your hobbies and interests? What do you like to do in your free time?

What I like most in my free time is to read a good book or take a walk while listening to music, either in the city or in the countryside. These are the moments that allow me to disconnect from my daily routine. I also enjoy going to the theater and going out for dinner, or spending time with my friends.


What was the most valuable lesson you learned in the master’s program that you apply to your professional life today?

The most valuable thing the master’s has given me, in addition to broadening and deepening my legal knowledge, is the perspectives and experience of faculty members. The IE master’s program has been fundamental for completing my education, and I’m sure that the knowledge I have acquired will be highly useful throughout my future professional career.

Moreover, this program is taught using a methodology based on resolving practical cases. This allowed me to confront real problems and work in teams with my classmates to find the best solution, something that I never had the opportunity to do in my undergrad. This teamwork dimension is one of the aspects that makes the difference between this master’s and other postgraduate programs, given that both theory and practice are further enriched by contributions from fellow classmates and the professors. This dynamic always encourages debate before a solution to the problem is eventually suggested.

Ultimately, the master’s and its methodology have given me the confidence I need to face my professional practice with a more innovative perspective.


Professionally, where do you see yourself in five years?

I have always imagined myself working at a law firm, so that’s where I would like to be in five years. In addition, I hope to have developed my skills and gained enough professional experience to be able to progress within the company, taking on more responsibilities and maybe even leading projects.


Have you used any of the services or resources (Advisory Sessions, Company Presentations, Career Portal, etc.) from the IE Talent & Careers department during your studies?

The services at the IE Talent & Careers department are fundamental throughout the master’s. At the beginning of the program, the department organized orientation sessions for writing a good CV, or preparing students for job interviews. Throughout the course, the department also offered personalized services for each student and cleared up any doubts regarding the job market.

The one-on-one sessions with the Career Advisor helped me start looking for work, especially through the Career Portal, where all kinds of job offers are posted. Also, postings are directed at specific profiles so that every student can find the opportunity best suited to them.


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