“Comparing legal systems really puts into perspective everything I thought I knew about law”

Mateo, France

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Mateo Mollier

About me

I am from Paris but attended a Spanish school in France. I love reading, mostly for my own pleasure but also for educational purposes. I discovered myself a taste for languages since I started Arabic here at IE, and I’m trying to learn some Japanese. I am very sociable, and I love spending time with people, friends or literally anyone I just met. I participated in two moot court competitions, where I got to finals both times.

Mateo Mollier, France


University Student

Mateo is a very friendly, open-minded and proactive student currently completing a Dual Degree in Business Administration and Laws. As he is currently in second year, his future trajectory is not yet defined but he keeps his options open.

Mateo’s interview is part of the Faces of IEU project, with seeks to bring closer together the IE community by sharing stories of students about their experience at the university, professionally, and about themselves. Through a series of interviews, students are able to share, explore and learn about opportunities that make IE University and its community truly unique.

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