“The program is demanding, but it's also comprehensive and enriching. It allows you to enter the working world with a first-class education.”

Mirian, Spain

Master of Laws (LL.M.)

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Mirian Rodrigo

About me

My name is Mirian Rodrigo, and unlike many of my classmates at IE University, I’m from Madrid. I would describe myself as sociable, empathetic and eager to learn. I decided to pursue the Intellectual Property and Technology Law specialization within the Master of Laws because I’m passionate about intellectual property, especially copyright and trademarks. I’m also fascinated by the branch of law that deals with privacy, data and internet law, which I find particularly interesting.

Mirian Rodrigo, Spain


Master’s student

Program studied

Master of Laws (LL.M.)

Tell us a little bit about your academic and professional experience before enrolling in the Master of Laws (LL.M.) at IE University.

In 2020, I finished my Bachelor’s in Law. That same year, I started doing the Master in Access to the Legal Profession online, in order to be able to combine it with an internship I was doing in a telecommunications and digital content company. That’s when I realized that I wanted to continue learning about intellectual property and technology law.


Why did you choose IE University to do the Master of Laws and the Intellectual Property and Technology Law specialization?

In addition to IE University’s well-deserved reputation, it was also because of its teaching methodology, which is heavily focused on case studies. The excellent faculty and the subjects offered were also decisive in my choice. I chose this specialization because I found it very interesting, and it’s a discipline of law that isn’t usually covered in undergraduate studies or if it is, it’s dealt with quite superficially. It’s also an increasingly relevant and sought-after legal specialization.


What have you found most interesting about the LL.M.?

What I’ve found most remarkable is that the subjects are extremely well structured and go into depth on such diverse topics, but they are all very important for the training of a good lawyer or legal professional. I also like that all subjects are so hands-on; we always work on real cases, which are very similar or identical to those that we will have to face in the future as professionals. This helps you learn and feel truly ready for life as a professional. In addition, IE University’s teaching method requires you to go to class well-prepared. That is, before each session or class, the professors tell us what material we need to study so that we’ll be able to follow along. Although it is a highly demanding learning method and requires  a lot of effort, it is also much more useful, since we can clarify concepts and make the most of classes by asking more relevant questions.


Where do you see yourself after finishing the master’s? What about in a few years? How is IE Law School helping you achieve that goal?

I would like to work in a law firm or department specializing in intellectual property or technology law where I can continue to train and develop professionally. IE Law School is helping me a lot in this regard, because in the careers department we have mentors and sessions with highly qualified people who are experts in selection processes. They guide us in all aspects of job seeking, from choosing the most suitable professional field to how to perfect a CV or complete a successful interview. It’s definitely one of the best things about the LL.M.


Tell us something you’ve recently learned at IE University that others could find useful and that you’ll take with you after the master’s.

IE University has taught me the importance of always continuing to train; the importance of wanting to keep learning in order to be a better professional and to always strive for excellence.


What advice would you give someone who’s considering pursuing this program?

I would tell them not to be afraid to do the LL.M. because although it’s a very demanding master, you learn a lot, so through hard work and motivation you’ll end up very well-trained with a lot more professional opportunities than before you started.

My experience at IE University is great and I’d recommend it to anyone. We learn a lot, from both the faculty and the subjects, which are very well designed to allow us to become as well-trained as possible. The master is hard, but also exceptionally enriching and comprehensive to ensure that the students receive a first-class education. In addition, everyone who works at IE University is willing to assist us at all times to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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