"I am someone who is intrigued by their surroundings, always on the search for solutions to problems and answers to questions while remaining impartial in the conclusions I reach and the decisions I make"

Tabea, Switzerland

Dual Degree in Laws and International Relations

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Tabea Böglin

About me

I am interested in scuba diving, photography, football and playing the piano. Currently, I am a member of the Law Society and the women’s football team in Segovia, which I founded this past September and have been the captain since. I have worked as a legal intern in Zurich for one summer, in Groner Rechtsanwälte, where I learned that the legal sector is constantly changing. Due to the comparative approach given at IEU, it was relatively easy for me to adjust and do well during my internship. One of the most valuable aspects at IEU for me is the international environment. It allows us to come into contact with perspectives from all over the world.

Tabea Böglin , Switzerland


University Student

Tabea is pursuing a Dual Degree in Laws and International Relations. She started her degree in our Segovia campus and chose IE University due to its teaching approach, done through the comparative law methodology and with hands-on experience, as for her it is very important for students to become familiar with the fact that the world is becoming more globalized every day, and she is able to do so at IE. She is interested pursuing a diplomatic career after graduation but is open to consider other options.

Tabea’s interview is part of the Faces of IEU project, with seeks to bring closer together the IE community by sharing stories of students about their experience at the university, professionally, and about themselves. Through a series of interviews, students are able to share, explore and learn about opportunities that make IE University and its community truly unique.

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