“I was very glad to see many examples of experienced professors reaffirming that idea of ‘freedom of grasping possibilities’”

Vanessa , Germany & Iran

Bachelor of Laws

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Vanessa Ardabili

About me

I am half-German, half-Iranian and have lived in Hamburg, Spain, England, France and Italy. Something that has now come to be a hobby, but previously meant much more to me, is ballet dancing, and many other areas connected to artistic performance in general – be it theatre, music, literature or fine arts. Also simply spending time being around other people and having nice, enriching conversations! In other words – I like to talk.

At a more professional level, my interests concern the field of Human Rights and all related factors – advocacy, practical help, research or reporting. Therefore, one thing that also has always been one of my main interests is definitely writing, and I hope that one day this hobby will be a significant part of my profession and every-day work life.

Vanessa Ardabili, Germany & Iran


University Student

Program studied

Bachelor of Laws

Vanessa is a Bachelor of Laws student and started her degree at the Segovia campus. She chose IE University due to the uniqueness of her bachelor, as it is taught based on the comparative law methodology, providing her with an innovative education. Moreover, she was keen on learning about other topics which the program offers, such as those related to humanities.

Vanessa’s interview is part of the Faces of IEU project, with seeks to bring closer together the IE community by sharing stories of students about their experience at the university, professionally, and about themselves. Through a series of interviews, students are able to share, explore and learn about opportunities that make IE University and its community truly unique.

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