HiOP 101: Financial Decision Making for Managers

Embedding Finance in Everyday Decision Making
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Financial Decision Making for Managers in a nutshell

Financial Decision Making for Managers offers students the chance to acquire the financial knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today’s rapidly-changing corporate world. Instead of confronting terms like balance sheet, cash flow statements, and forecasting with dread, this course aims to give managers and professionals the skills and confidence in finance to feel empowered to make and convey financial decisions. Hear from the professors:


What will you see in Financial Decision Making for Managers?

Financial Decision Making for Managers course covers a spectrum of critical topics from both Accounting and Corporate Finance that will be important to maximize your company’s operations and value. To make sure that you’ll be able to apply these concepts right away at work, you will see real-life examples of challenges that companies face and gain the skills to solve them.


The course covers five modules:

  1. Financial Statement Analysis and Maturity Matching
  2. The Company’s Financial Lifecycle
  3. Forecasting for the Future
  4. Maximizing Shareholder Value
  5. Go Beyond Excel: Decision-Making Relevant to your Capital Structure


At the end of five weeks, you’ll achieve the following learning objectives:

  • Comprehend and assess significant financial statements such as balance sheets and Profit & Loss (P&L) Statements.
  • Perform maturity matching so you can identify operating drivers that can help generate value in a business model.
  • Master the company’s financial lifecycle inside and out by correlating the P&L statement, balance sheet, and return on equity (ROE) and its drivers.
  • Use forecasting to make decisions that impact over a more extended period
  • Ensure you can give your investors back as much money as possible in return for their investment.
  • Learn how to add value to the way you finance your enterprise.


Is Financial Decision Making for Managers right for me?

Does anything related to accounting or finance make you cringe, but you need it to make essential decisions (financial or not) in your company or organization? This course is right for you. Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs seeking sound financial knowledge for their ventures’ success, along with managers and professionals already working in a company, can also greatly benefit from the course.


This HiOP is also ideal if you identify yourself as one of the following:

  • A professional that’s starting out in a position related to finance
  • A manager that financial knowledge to make related decisions
  • An entrepreneur or intrapreneur that is lacking financial knowledge.
  • A student studying for his or her CFA certification exams looking to refresh core concepts


What makes Financial Decision Making for Managers unique?

Everything about this crash course in finance sounds fantastic, but why bother with this one when there are so many out there?


First of all, all HiOPs have practicality as the heart and soul of everything you do. For a subject matter that can seem so daunting as what you’ll see in Financial Decisions, you might wonder why you need to learn it and when you will use it in real-life. In this course, you will see.  At the beginning of every module, you’ll start off with an introduction to what you will learn that week and understand the reason why those topics get included. Another prong of the practical approach comes with situational analysis, where you will see real-life examples from corporations, and hear from guests from companies such as Ferrovial, Tecnicas Reunidas and Shell Tunisia, and work on many practical cases throughout the modules.


You’ll also be in excellent hands with the faculty members for this program. Virginia Bombín, who will be guiding you through the first two modules, has a vested interest in economic value generation. Coupled with her experience in assessing firms’ financial health, you’ll get a rock-solid foundation in both financial accounting and a company’s financial lifecycle. Carmen Alonso-Muñoyerro, who came to teaching after working in Banco Santander’s Capital Markets division, has experience both running the financial side for small-to-medium size enterprises (SMEs) and over a decade as a bond issuer and commodities futures trader. Her plethora of theoretical and practical experience will let you work to maximize shareholder value and create a financing model for sustainable health and growth in the long-term.


At the end of the course, you’ll no longer dread having to fill out a P&L. Not only will you have the tools to make your Excel spreadsheets dazzle, but you’ll also have the base to go beyond those numbers and tell the story behind them as you think critically in your decision-making concerning related activities.


How can I join in on the action?

If you’re eager for more information about this HiOP, click to download your copy of our informational brochure. If you’re already set to embed financial knowledge with us, go ahead and get started on your application right now.

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