Transformation with Purpose Bootcamp - Profile

Your success means you can afford to do something different in your next act


…have worked for more than 20 years and you feel you need a change

…realize you have another 20 years full of opportunities and have a curious mind and intellect, and you believe your next job has not been invented yet.


…you are hungry for impact and believe you have a unique wealth of experience but also a long enough life to invest in acquiring new skills and perspectives that will multiply your impact so that you continue to deliver on both your new personal and professional ambitions.



…have a strong hypothesis of where you want to take the next chapter yet would benefit from guidance from a community of like-minded peers and personalized opportunities for experimentation.



…you feel you have been fortunate enough to fully leverage the opportunities you have been given and want to give back to your community, to society in an impactful and thoughtful manner.



…you have reached  one of the top leadership roles in  your organization and you feel it is about time to pursue other unattended interests and passions that could be equally rewarding and productive.




…you have invested in starting, growing and exiting a business and you are ready for another meaningful adventure in your life, but value the time and company of equally ambitious individuals to structure your exploration and make the next decision.


This iniciative is for you if you are looking for your next chapter in your professional life, and you want that next chapter to be truly different and meaningful.