Bringing Students Together

Liquid Learning blends physical and digital environments so that you can access a world-class education, regardless of your situation or location. Its aim is to bring students together from all over the world so that they can participate in the very same program, cohort and classroom.


The Liquid Learning model reflects four key principles that run through every single one of our programs.

  • Collaboration
    1 Collaboration

    Despite being spread across the globe, our community has never been more connected. At IE University, we want to reflect that sense of “togetherness” in our programs, and that’s why the Liquid Learning model is so rooted in collaboration. It has a sharp focus on team-based activities, opportunities for broad and deep learning and the development of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. What’s more, it’s highly social and dedicated to making the most of diversity.

  • Active learning
    1 Active learning

    Through the Liquid Learning model, you will be encouraged to work independently as you become the architect of your own learning experience and strengthen your decision-making and creative skills. Active learning is the perfect blend of self-paced learning and participating with the rest of the cohort as well as your professors.

  • Personalization
    1 Personalization

    At IE University, we know that no two students’ learning journey is the same. And when we designed our Liquid Learning model, we didn’t want to lose that sense of customization that differentiates our programs from the competition. That’s why the Liquid Learning model is driven by data so that it can be tailored to your specific needs. It also has a strong focus on regular feedback as well as flexibility and transformation.

  • Applied learning
    1 Applied learning

    Higher education is all about preparing ambitious students for the future world of work, while keeping them up to date with the latest changes in their chosen sectors. Our programs have always been professionally oriented and anchored in the real world. And through the Liquid Learning model, this is still very much the case.



Regardless of where our students are (online or offline) or how they are engaging with us (inside or outside the classroom), relationships grow and learning flows through Liquid Learning. Wherever you are based, you will still enjoy the professional and social richness that our programs are known for because the Liquid Learning model ensures constant engagement with the learning community.


Learning comes in many different ways, and that’s something we take full advantage of at IE University. Within the Liquid Learning mindset, active learning is centered on conversation, discussion and debate, which are critical elements of individual and collective learning in every IE program.


Our students put the real-world experience gained in the program into practice by engaging interactively with our faculty, fellow students, leaders and members of the IE University network.


This is fostered by our core team-based education, which sets the foundation for critical social and behavioral skills, such as positive competition, collaborative teamwork, communication, active listening and time and task management.



Liquid Learning goes beyond what you’ve seen in traditional online programs. Our classes truly engage students and provide space for meaningful interactions with peers and professors.


This approach is exclusive to IE. You won’t find another like it! It is a blend of various learning activities, such as lectures, group projects, one-on-one feedback sessions, multimedia simulations, learning forums (the list goes on…), that stimulate deeper learning and allow you to map out your own learning journey and professional path.


Our community consists of more than 140 nationalities so you’ll be studying in a truly international environment. The connections, diversity, and knowledge you’ll be exposed to are beyond comparison!


Just like our program content, our Liquid Learning model is constantly evolving to adapt to the ever-changing world that we live in. That means that it never stays the same—today’s go-to approaches will be outdated by tomorrow—and that’s exactly the point. Thanks to Liquid Learning, we can continue to adapt to change and push boundaries on a daily basis.


In the classroom

Thanks to the flexibility of Liquid Learning, students don’t need to be in the same physical space to work together efficiently. Students who connect virtually are shown on screens so that in-person attendees can interact with them in a seamless environment. What’s more, remote students can hear the professor while learning from the academic content shared on screen.

For optimum interaction, a variety of tools and exercises are used such as polls, breakout rooms, role-plays, forums etc., and the professor will monitor student progress and support anyone who falls behind.

Group projects

As the educational experience becomes more digital, it’s more important than ever to maintain a close relationship with your peers. That’s why teamwork and group projects are a central part of the Liquid Learning experience. Whether you’re working on a final project to conclude your program, a bigger project that runs throughout your studies or a smaller, one-off initiative, you’ll spend a lot of time collaborating in groups.

Group coaching

Regular communication with your professors is essential for making the most out of your academic experience. And the Liquid Learning model facilitates this. Our programs offer individual or group coaching, which is provided in blocks of 30 minutes per group, and can be attached to a specific project or may be formative.

Individual assignments with peer feedback

In addition to receiving constructive feedback from your professors, peer feedback is an ideal way to enhance critical thinking skills and prepare for future situations in the workplace. Through the Liquid Learning model, the individual assignments include detailed evaluation rubrics to ensure appropriate feedback, and will undergo a final check from the professor so that the highest possible standards are guaranteed.


Our programs capitalize on real-world exercises that simulate real-life situations. These simulations are usually accompanied by a Q&A forum, where the professor can clarify any doubts. Once the exercises are completed, a reflection and debrief session will be organized through a forum video call so that the activity can be discussed.


While all of our programs have implemented Liquid Learning into their methodologies, they all vary in terms of their attendance policies. Here are some general guidelines, but make sure to contact the Admissions Advisor of your program of interest to find out exactly what’s required of you:


Each of our part-time programs has in-person residential periods, and we recommend attending them in order to get the most out of the experience. However, if extenuating circumstances prevent you from attending, you are welcome to contact the Admissions Advisor of your program of interest to receive personalized advice on your specific case.


For full-time, in-person programs, you are expected to attend class on campus as much as possible. If you can’t make it for justified and documented reasons, you can attend class remotely as a temporary measure, but we encourage you to contact the Admissions Advisor of your program of interest to receive personalized advice on your specific case.

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