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IE’s University Liquid Learning Model is born to support the dynamic lives and unique needs of students in an emerging unpredictable, fluid, and fast-changing world.

Liquid Learning is a transformational, comprehensive, holistic and interactive educational experience that transcends single learning methodologies and platforms by blending together physical and digital learning ecosystems in innovative ways so that students obtain the highest quality of education no matter where in the world they are and what their current situation might be.

Liquid Learning at IE University is based on four guiding principles: An Active, Collaborative and Personalized Learning experience that is directly Applied to our student’s professional careers.

IE University believes that the future of learning is liquid. It is all about the richness of the experience: curricular and extracurricular, social and individual, global and local, active and reflective, cognitive and emotional, professional and personal, physical, digital and natural, which is supported by teaching and research excellence.

IE’s Executive Vice-president, Diego del Alcázar Benjumea, welcomes you to the Liquid Learning community

The IE University Center for Liquid Learning is a community enabler. An open window to provide students, faculty, parents and educative ecosystems with constantly updated examples on how IE designs, develop and experience XXI Century education.

IE University focuses on creating effective, efficient and immersive learning. That is why IE’s Liquid Learning Model provides students with a rich, active, personalized, collaborative and applied education, which embraces in-person and online teaching, together with a lifelong learning mindset.

This approach crystallizes on our students learning journeys. Along their courses and driven by faculty excellence, students participate in a wide variety of learning experiences as: enjoy project base challenges, get involved in knowledge sharing events, benefit from faculty and peer feedback, work in flipped classrooms, become part of discussion forums, engage in gamified learning activities, enjoy extracurricular experiences and get immersed in many more cutting edge learning practices that will enrich their everyday life at IE.

The Center will be the narrator, witness and chronicler describing how our faculty, students and staff will share practical examples of this Liquid Learning path.

Meet our Team

A collaborative mindset is the driver to design, implement and make IE’s Liquid Learning Model sustainable. With a leading by example spirit, our members share knowledge and nurture the teaching and learning experiences at IE thanks to a showing by doing approach.

Please join us and meet the team behind the project.

Nick Van Dam

Chief Learning Officer & Chair IE University Center for Liquid Learning

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Eugenia Castrillón Martinez Bordiú | IE Liquid Learning

Eugenia Castrillón Martinez Bordiú

Associate Dean for undergraduate programs Law School

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Cristina Fernández Tesoro

Associate Director IE Center for Liquid Learning & IE Center for Corporate Learning and HR

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Patricia Gabaldón | IE Liquid Learning

Patricia Gabaldon

Associate Dean Pedagogical Innovation

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Ignacio Gafo

Associate Dean – Part-Time Programs in Blended and Executive MBA Program

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Igor Galo Lanza

Associate Director Communications Department

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Begoña González-Cuesta | IE Liquid Learning

Begoña González-Cuesta

Dean – Communication and Media- Human Science and Technology

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David Jeffrey Goodman

Associate Dean School of Architecture and Design

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Cristina Mateo Rebollo

Associate Dean School of Architecture and Design

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Gema Molero

Project Manager Learning Innovation; IE Center for Corporate Learning Innovation

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Kerry Parke

Editor In Chief – IE Insights

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Martin Rodriguez | IE Liquid Learning

Martin Rodriguez Jugo

Director IE Publishing at IE Business School

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Borja Santos Porras

Executive Director Undergraduate Programs IE School of Global and Public Affairs

Ana Vega

Head of Marketing- Conversion & Retention at IE University

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