Liquid Learning Model in Practice

How IE students experience Liquid Learning Model

IE Professors have the gift and capacity to inspire students to approach their education with intellectual curiosity and wellbeing while becoming their advisors and mentors.
This gift is also one that has the potential to facilitate the kind of transformation that will have a deep impact on our students along the rest of their careers.

That is why Liquid Learning places the educator’s role at the heart of our university learning experience.

In this section, the floor is to our best Ambassadors: IE Professors and students to present their experiences with Liquid Learning by providing a wide variety of practical examples.


IE’s Liquid Learning offers a dynamic and effective learning experience to our bachelor students. With an active approach to learning, students acquire knowledge, develop skills and change mindsets. Programs provide the perfect balance between robust theory foundations and a complete tool kit to develop skills for solving real-world challenges. Along their journey, students will benefit from an education that is evidence and practice-based achieving concrete learning outcomes. The best way to reach this goal is by collaborating, observing others as well as getting and giving feedback.

We strongly believe that XXI century education needs to be personalized to support the unique needs, personal growth, and aspirations of our students.

IE’s Liquid Learning Model applied to Studio Design 1 within IE's Bachelor in Design

Professor Andrea Caruso


Professor Carlos Pallero

IE's Liquid Learning Model applied to the Bachelor in Communication & Digital Media

Professor Ellen Buckland

IE's Liquid Learning Model applied to the Bachelor in International Relations

Professor Borja Santos


Professor Fernando Pastor-Merchante

Master Programs

It is invaluable to prepare our master students to boost their professional careers and achieve their desired jobs.

A new challenge is being added to this one: the capacity to provide a cutting-edge educational experience any place, any time and to any learning pathway our students may need it for.

With an innovative spirit driven by technology and rooted in its core values, IE’s is accepting the challenge of nurturing its learning pathways with a wide range of dynamics including mobile learning, virtual reality practices, on-campus and remote extracurricular activities, exchanges, immersive periods, and internships to name just a few.

IE’s Liquid Learning Model applied to Part Time Programs at the Business School

Associate Dean Ignacio Gafo

IE’s Liquid Learning Model applied to Master in Business for Designers

Academic Director Jeronimo van Schendel

Liquid Learning Applied to the Master in International Development GPA School

Professors Patricia Gabaldón & Carolina Ferrer

Liquid Learning applied to case studies at IE Law School

Professor Pilar Galeote

Corporate Programs

The main commitment at IE Executive Education is to provide our students with an excellent, personalized and high-impact education that contributes to their personal and professional growth and that of their organizations, regardless of the circumstances and the place where they are located.

Supported by the best educational technologies IE’s Liquid Learning model has overcome space and time barriers. It adapts to the individual needs and circumstances of each participant and offers them the possibility to attend our programs from anywhere in the world, interacting with professionals like them eager to boost their professional careers.

This merge of faculty excellence together with a Global Campus experience empowered by technology allows us to be fully committed to our executive students learning, development and growth.

IE's Liquid Learning Model Applied to Executive Education Programs

Professor Carola Arboli

Liquid Learning Model Applied to IE's values

At IE University our students are immersed in a technologically innovative environment, preparing them to take a leadership role in the modern world’s new digitally transformed landscape.

We place Humanities at the heart of this innovation mindset as key in understanding the reality of our world, applying key critical-thinking skills to complex, global challenges.

With a global approach to education, diversity is also core within our DNA. Our rich mix of nationalities, ideas, and perspectives make up the fabric of IE University. With students, graduates, and professors from more than 160 countries, our Global Campus is a truly international hub.

Together with innovation, humanities, and diversity, IE University breeds entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, creating an ecosystem that expands far beyond the confines of the campus, where students and graduates can grow and develop their innovative start-ups.

Last but not least, IE’s core values are meant to last. Sustainability, therefore, joins our efforts in every single learning activity we design, coordinate, implement and evaluate.

IE’s Liquid Learning Model is a reflection of our values as it is showed in the wide range of initiatives boosted by IE Community.

The role of Educators & How IE Students experience IE’s Liquid Learning Model at the School of Architecture & Design

Associate Dean Cristina Mateo

IE’s Liquid Learning Model applied to IE’s Global Counselors Academy

Professor Carlos Pallero

Different generations learn differently. See how IE applies its Liquid Learning Model to overcome the challenge.

Associate Dean Ignacio Gafo


Professor Ruxandra Iancu

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