Liquid Learning Technologies and Tools

At IE, we make use of next-generation technologies to create an enriching educational environment.
Our immersive technological approach to learning will get you ready to overcome any professional challenge in the digital era.

XXI century Education arena is being shaped by its rapid pace of change

A challenge IE overcomes thanks to its Liquid Learning Model based on a collaborative, active and personalized education experience that is empowered by faculty excellence, innovation and technology. Our goal: to provide IE's students with the applied tools that will boost their professional careers.


Executive Director and GPA Professor Borja Santos explains how he implements VR within the seminar Managing Humanitarian Crisis Response.
This innovative approach virtually places the students at the center of a Refugee Camp to better understand the obstacles that refugees face.
VR enhances this immersive experience facilitating the outcomes of this course.

Multimedia Case Study- IKEA

IKEA: Global Brand Communication transports students from the classroom straight into the IKEA showroom. This highly interactive multimedia case details a brief history of IKEA and focuses on the communication strategy used by the brand in 2014, with an emphasis on IKEA Ibérica and its decisions in the Spanish consumer market.

Multiplayer Simulation- 10 Downing Street 

This economic policy simulator puts students in the government hot seat at a time of economic uncertainty in the United Kingdom. Will the country fall into a recession, or will your policies for consumption, interest rates, and fiscal deficit be enough to secure economic stability and win another term in office?

Multimedia Case Study on electoral law: LaLaLand

"Lalaland" is a multimedia case study, designed by Professor Antonios Kouroutakis, on electoral law. The case involves questions pertaining to the choice of the electoral system, but it also provokes thoughts about the use of technology for accurate electoral results and the regulation of disinformation. This case puts students at the forefront of a complex national election where tough decisions will have to be made and analyzed.

Learning Pack GPA: Introduction to Political Science

This Learning Pack was designed for use in the asynchronous sessions of the Introduction to Political Sciences course, which is taught throughout the school of Global and Public Affairs. The Learning Assets in this pack include conceptual videos, interviews with experts in the field, and a range of complementary activities that can be used by the professor to build more dynamic and engaging asynchronous learning sessions.

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Digital Resources for Professors

As a result of the work we have been developing for years, IE University offers an education based on excellence in any of the training modalities, whether in the classroom, virtual or hybrid formats.

In this video, Professor Carlos Pallero introduces a wide variety of digital resource examples implemented at IE as a means to enrich the learning of our students.

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