Volume 30 December 2011
Sapiens review - Liberal Arts E-Newsletter
Cultural Agenda
Bahar Behbahani: The Chronicle of Her Innocence
Banksy has committed his Cardinal Sin in a gallery worth worshipping
Le Turner Prize attribué au sculpteur Martin Boyce
Movie review: The Artsit
Martin Creed for the first time in Spain: Things/Cosas
Critique du Ballet: Le ballet Moïsseïev ravive la flamme russe
World Press Photo 2011 en el CCCB Barcelona
Vaclav Havel, A Melding of the Artist’s Politics and the Politician’s Art
פיקאסו: מלחמת שוורים עבודות מאוסף מוזיאון פיקאסו, ברצלונה
A New International Theater Festival for New York
Film Review of 2011: A divorce drama set in a flat in Tehran – and other thrills and spills
The best Classical Music of 2011
Movie Review: Melancholia
Corpografías de Piero Pereira
"Crazy Horse" en Madrid

Books Review
  Une femme fuyant l'annonce
de David Grossman
Thinking, Fast and Slow
By Daniel Kahneman
The Collaborator
By Mirza Waheed
Chinese TV network “CCTV”: Arantza de Areilza, Dean of IE School of Arts & Humanities, comments on the 2011 Spanish Elections
Take your seats people… Why the Euro will be just fine by Rolf Strom-Olsen, Professor at IE School of Arts & Humanities
¿Es mejor una UE sin el Reino Unido? Por José Ignacio Torreblanca, Profesor Asociado de IE School of Arts & Humanities
El Censo Por Por Rafael Puyol, Profesor de IE School of Arts & Humanities

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Sapiens review - Liberal Arts E-Newsletter