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18 jan 2021

Virtual Consultations for Candidates and Parents in Canada

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19 jan 2021

Virtual Admission Test: Bachelor Programs

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our commitment to sustainability



Michael Green, Evolution, revolution, 14.11.19

Carlo Ratti, Senseable cities, 26.09.19

Iben Falconer, Innovation in urban strategy, 25.09.19

Carlo Ratti, The green & the grey, 24.04.19

Winy Maas’, What’s next for architecture and urbanism?, 28.02.19

Paul Priestman, design and the future of cities, 11.02.19

Charrisse Johnston, Work play heal learn… or just life?, 9.01.19

Špela Videčnik, Inspiring limitations, 14.11.18

Christophe Guberan, Product design as experimentation, 6.11.18

S. H. Stangelan, How can we practice architecture with an ecological awareness?



Anne Stenros, Power of design: towards people-centered urbanism, 5.18

Giulia Calabretta, The design profession in 5 years: my ‘strategic’ bet,  16.04.18

Naoto Fukasawa, Micro considerations: values and hints that lead to design, 16.02.18

Tatjana Schneider, Towards strategic urban interventions,  13.02.18

Francine Houben, Recent works, 12.02.18

Farshid Moussavi, Impact of technology on architecture, 19.01.18

Brad Lynch, How architecture and real estate can join forces to create better cities, 3.11.18

Satoru Matsuzaki, The philosophy and business model of MUJI, 2.11.18

Richard Rogers and Deyan Sudjic, Hay Festival 2017, 22-23-09.17

Joan Clos, Urbanization in the 21st Century: the importance of sustainable development for the future,  30.01.17



J. MyersonF. PradereDr. P. GamizRelationship between economic growth, environment, and the wellbeing of city dwellers,  29.06.17

Anna Heringer, Architecture is a tool to improve lives, 30.01.17

Matthias Shuler and Anja Thierfelder, Lightscapes30.11.16

Angela Brady, Housing ourselves in a changing world, 9.11.16

Belinda Tato, From ego design to eco design, 4.11.16