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Bachelor in Architecture students will exhibit their research project on urban shelters at the Seoul Biennale 2021

Research project on urban shelters at the Seoul Biennale 2021- IE

IE School of Architecture and Design has been chosen among architecture and design schools from all over the world to participate in the Seoul Bienniale of Architecture and Urbanism 2021. In a section called Global Studios, fourth-year students of the Bachelor in Architectural Studies will exhibit the project they are working on during this academic year of Design Studio V, under the supervision of PhD Architect and Professor Fernando Pino.

Research project on urban shelters at the Seoul Biennale 2021 - IE

The next edition of the Seoul Biennale will be held next September 2021 under the theme “Crossroads: Building the Resilient City”. It will feature works focusing on cities, to examine, research and exhibit how they can serve as positive assets toward a sustainable planet. The biennale has asked the school’s team to reflect on the concepts of resilience, shelter and emergency: “Of course, the words have many interpretations. We studied it in depth during the first part of this semester, and we encouraged the students to detect areas in today’s densely populated cities where these concepts could be reinterpreted,” explains Prof. Pino. “In these first three months of work, students have realized the urgency many young people face, given that they are often unable to find decent jobs and leave home. The research about those temporary spaces merges new generations and elder ones in a synergic way,” he adds. The students are now working on possible solutions in cities for these sectors of the population. They have called these solutions ‘urban shelters’.

The research is taking place at a site in the north of Madrid – formerly used to store train machinery – where students are experimenting with shelter units and high density to show what kind of city can be built with proposals for new urban solutions. Prof. Pino stresses the importance of future architects’ projects being directly linked to the needs of the society in which they live.

“It is about reinventing the relationship between the city and the citizens through the power of architecture to activate new commitments. This project somehow shows how at the university, we reflect on current hot topics and global challenges. As a future generation of professionals our students already have much to contribute to the debate on cities and their growth. The project for the Seoul Biennale is in fact a great opportunity to rethink the city”, he adds.

Research project on urban shelters at the Seoul Biennale 2021 - IE

The Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism was established in 2017 as an event that focuses on cities and gathers their representatives to discuss the challenges linked to the urban condition and share their potential solutions. With 10 million inhabitants, Seoul is one of the most representative examples of contemporary metropolises and, as such, a particularly relevant context to frame this Biennale. Following the first two editions entitled “Imminent Commons” (2017) and “Collective City” (2019), the third edition entitled “CROSSROADS Building the Resilient City ” will explore the evolution of the world’s cities and metropolises. “We consider the city of tomorrow as a collective invention. This is why it seemed right to me today for the theme of the third edition to be resilience,” says Dominique Perrault, General Director of the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2021. More than a hundred cities will be invited to participate.

“I am proud that Prof. Pino and his students are involved in this important international event, not only because it will allow our students to share their work with an international audience, but also because it is an important opportunity to research ways that architects can contribute to positive change,” states David Goodman, Associate Dean of IE School of Architecture and Design.

In the coming weeks, our students’ work will be uploaded to the @iearchdesign Instagram account and at the Biennale’s Youtube channels. The goal is to show how a project for an international event is prepared in the middle of a global pandemic.