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Carmen Panadero, co-director of IE’s Master in Real Estate Development, new president of WIRES

Carmen Panadero new president of WIRES | IE School of Architecture and Design

WIRES (Women in Real Estate Spain) has renewed its board and appointed as its president Carmen Panadero, who will keep promoting the work of female professionals in the sector.

“Being president of WIRES is a big challenge for me and there is still much to do. WIRES does not want to be a gender-only association. For us it is very important to enhance the image of WIRES as a way to generate opinion in the sector and to be seen in plural, as a key association in our sector,” said Panadero last week after learning of her appointment.

The main challenge facing the co-director of the Master in Real Estate Development as she takes over as president of the board of directors will be promoting female professionals in an industry traditionally dominated by men, as well as breaking the historical gender barriers within the sector.

New president of WiresThis goal is also part of the identity of IE School of Architecture and Design, which is committed to promoting women’s talent and raising awareness of their work and ending the inequality that still exists in the world of architecture and design. “We are searching constantly for a balance between the number of male and female students and faculty. Moreover, we also look for faculty who do not teach in the traditional roles,” explains Martha Thorne, the dean of IE School of Architecture and Design. “This is why we have a lot of male professors who are teaching history theory and women professors who are teaching subjects such as mathematics and physics. In our Master in Real Estate Development, we have another example. We have women professors who teach finance and investment, and one of the directors has just been made President of WIRES,” she adds.

Of the total number of IE School of Architecture and Design students, 59% are women. Some 19% of students on the Master in Real Estate Development in 2018 were women. This year, that figure has risen to 32%, providing hope for the future role of women in the real estate sector.

Along with Panadero, the new board of directors of WIRES consists of eight professionals whose primary objective is promoting the participation of women in the real estate sector through activities and conferences organized by the association itself, as well as through collaboration and participation with other organizations. Also sitting on the board of directors is Leticia Ponz, a lecturer in Property Practice on IE’s Master in Real Estate Development.