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The Design Lab: Master in Strategic Design of Spaces


At the IE School of Architecture and Design we believe in learning by doing.


What is the Design Lab?

The Design Lab is a space where students are able to test, be critical and apply the knowledge learned in classes in real-life cases in order to design spaces for work, learning and retail environments and it takes place three times during the Master in Strategic Design of Spaces.


Why the Design Lab?

“Architecture and design are about integrating the different disciplines that are necessary to define the next generation of environments and you can only do that from a hands-on perspective.”

Guzmán de Yarza, Director of the Master in Strategic Design of Spaces


The Master in Strategic Design of Spaces has a multidisciplinary approach to design, where technology, sociology and culture come into play in order to foster innovation. During The Design Lab, students are able to combine and apply this knowledge to complete projects for real-life companies. These projects fare done in groups in order to simulate a working environment, and so students learn and put into practice the soft-skills needed in order to thrive in the workplace.



What Our Students Have to Say:

“The design lab is a space where we are able to test prototypes or designs and be able to critically think about strategies in order to curate a space – combining both architecture and business knowledge.”

Sitou Akolly, MSD Student

“The design lab is a space where you are able to apply in a practical way what was learned in other subjects, and it is applied to workspace, learning environment and retail space design.”

Carlota Manzano Laina, MSD Student

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