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Learning by Doing: Bachelor in Design Student Exhibition


Under the title “Learning by Doing,” the students show, at the former Royal Mint in Segovia, the exercises developed over the course of the first semester.
Sketches, blown-glass vases, refined door handles, and wooden chairs are part of this exhibition, which will remain open to the public until February 5th.

learning_by_doing_roberto_arribas-3The Royal Mint of Segovia hosts the first exhibition of projects done by the students of the Bachelor in Design. The exhibits include sketches, blown-glass vases, refined door handles, and different models of wooden chairs, among other pieces.

The works, which can be seen until February 5th, were created by first-year students on the subject of “Introduction to Design Studio I: Learning by Doing,” taught by Professor Andrea Caruso at IE School of Architecture and Design. In these classes, students take their first steps in the world of design, learn to assemble their first projects, and start to practice the skills needed to become design professionals.

The methodology combines theory and practice through nine exercises carried out over the course of the first semester.



Students, both individually and in teams, design and develop their projects with different materials in the FabLab, the IE School of Architecture and Design’s work space. Through this process, students recognize the importance of good design and develop a critical eye for the work.

learning_by_doing_roberto_arribas-49“The design course at IE University is an update on the current role of the designer; it prepares students to meet the challenges of today, in this changing, uncertain, and globalized world we live in,” said undergraduate program director Edgar González. “This degree,” González explains, “consists of three main elements: the creativity and constant innovation of design as the main focus; the rigor of social sciences that provide that vision centered on the user and context we operate in; and the strategic vision of business as another tool at the designer’s disposal when presenting his or her creations.”


The design course, which began in September at the IE University Segovia campus, is an innovative program that combines a solid base of knowledge in design with a demanding methodology based on projects and focused on solving real-life challenges. This new undergraduate program at IE School of Architecture and Design combines rigorous scientific and creative aspects of design with a business perspective that allows you to transform and improve people’s daily lives. The Bachelor in Design is an integrated degree that seeks to challenge the physical, experiential, functional, and emotional realities of today. It is aimed at flexible and daring students who can transform reality into something better and more sustainable, regardless of the resources available.