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Opportunities and architecture in Colombia

Opportunities and architecture in Colombia | IE School of Architecture & Design

In the midst of World Cities Day and prior to the International Day of Urbanism, Martha Thorne, the dean of IE School of Architecture and Design, spoke to La República about the search for balance between the environment and the built environment, as well as equal opportunities in architecture. She also highlighted the importance of the gender perspective in the global architectural landscape.

Dean Thorne was in Bogotá, Colombia, to take part in the first edition of the Congreso Internacional Arquitectura Mujer y Sostenibilidad (International Congress of Architecture, Women and Sustainability).

Hosted by Colombia’s Center for Investigation in Sustainable Architecture, this innovative and progressive new meeting of minds addresses gender from an architectural perspective, considering the role women have played in architectural excellence, the crucial role of architectural decision-making in women’s empowerment and the relation between sustainability, climate change and gender equality.

Read the full article here [in Spanish].

Author: Nathalia Morales Arévalo / Publication: La República