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SCALE: Learning By Doing

Student Projects IE School of Architecture and Design

The work of IE undergraduate students is now on view at the IE Campus in Madrid!

IE School of Architecture and Design is pleased to present the exhibition, SCALE, which showcases a selection of work created by students of the Bachelor in Architectural Studies and the Bachelor in Design on the IE Campus in Madrid. Located across different floors of the María Molina bis building, the exhibition uses the site to explore the changing scale of the works presented: Objects, Structures, Neighborhoods and Cities.

Design Studio is a subject at the core of both undergraduate programs. A hands-on course, it offers students an opportunity to learn how to propose solutions to problems that range in scale from micro to macro, from graphic design to projects for cities. The process is about conceptualizing the challenge at hand, researching, collaborating, imagining, proposing, testing, evaluating and proposing again – all with a critical-thinking mindset.

“Doing is at the very essence of the creative act. We designers work in the future, with possibilities, what could be done, what the response to the challenge we confront and its constraints require us to do,” explains Edgar González, Director of the Bachelor in Design. “This is the reason why we have Design Studio, which runs from the very first day all the way to the last. It is the cornerstone to developing the design culture necessary to become a designer.”



Visit the exhibition at Calle de María de Molina, 31 bis, 28006 Madrid


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