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A Community of Makers and Digital Artisans Led by Women at IE FabLab

We spoke with María Elena Cardiel and Lorena Delgado, the two women who run the FabLabs at the Segovia and Madrid campuses respectively.

08 / 03 / 2022


IE University students create Tumbao, a brand of sustainable products made from nopal

The founders have just launched a micro-funding campaign to boost cactus leather accessories business.

29 / 09 / 2020


IE University to fabricate 3-D printed protection screens for medics in their fight against Covid-19

IE University's Fab Lab joins the Coronavirus Makers national initiative.

25 / 03 / 2020


Fab Lab IE University joins the global FabLabs network

IE School of Architecture and Design’s Fab Lab is now officially a member of the global FabLabs network created by Massachusetts Institute of ...

26 / 03 / 2019


The Casa de la Moneda de Segovia exhibits IE University Design students’best works

Segovia January, 2019.- From January 9 to February 4, the Center for Creativity of the Casa de la Moneda in Segovia will be staging an exhibition of ...

15 / 01 / 2019


IE FabLab Expands

Bringing ideas to life The Fabrication Laboratory, popularly known as the FabLab, is a physical space on the Segovia Campus with both digital and ...

22 / 11 / 2018


Student Projects: What are we creating?

Learn more about our students' work and how we seek to drive change in the world.

03 / 07 / 2018