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The Venture Lab: Learn Fearlessly


What if we told you, there is a place where you are able to fearlessly develop your projects? A place where making mistakes is okay? Where your ideas and designs may be transformed into a reality?

If you are interested, learn more about The Venture Lab for the Master in Architectural Management and Design.


Why The Venture Lab?

The Venture Lab is a space to fearlessly develop business and communication skills, learn and grow in order to step into the real world with feasible projects. Our students are able to develop projects in their country and area of choice, receive support from professionals in the field and go through certain processes in order to bring their ideas into a structured project.

Build a holistic career: for architects, learning about management, communication and business skills is essential in order to become a design entrepreneur and successfully set up and run a studio.


What does The Venture Lab mean to our students?

For Diana Mokhallati, a student from the Master in Architectural Management and Design, The Venture Lab is “the ideal and safest place to take a dream that you are actually passionate about and make it a reality.”

Moreover, she states that the spectrum of details learned during the program in relation to financials, competitors and market analysis is extremely useful to deal and lead one’s initiative.

According to I Wa Lou and Ryan Debsky, it is the perfect opportunity to “the gap between architecture, design and a feasible business model”, apply the skills learned during the previous year and prove yourself.

Daniel Terence Yu Ong how he became more sensitive to the diversity of different cultures and the relation to business expansion, and Pamella Ann de Guzman emphasizes on how she was able to obtain a better understanding of what the market really wants.

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…and to our Directors?

For Joseph Pistrui and Borja Gomez Martin, The Venture Lab has a collaborative and coaching model, which allows processes and tools to be learned through dialogue, mixed with practical experience and advice from professionals. Early in the Master in Architectural Management and Design program, students have an entrepreneurship course where processes for creative ideation are learned, and serves as the “seed” of the ideas, which later come to life during The Venture Lab. Moreover, the work becomes a holistic process, where an idea is conceived, validated and worked on from a business perspective.

Learn more about the experiences of students and Directors from The Venture Lab.

What are you waiting for to turn your ideas, designs and dreams into a reality?

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About the Master in Architectural Management and Design

The program seeks to bridge the gap between architecture, design and business skills. It has been proven by contemporary architecture that even though outstanding design is necessary in order to be successful, it is not enough. Thus, the IE School of Architecture and Design has partnered with IE Business School to design a program for those entrepreneurial architects who seek to build on their managerial and communication skills, and to provide a bigger picture on how design affects business decisions.