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Why Design?


Launch of the new Bachelor in Design at IE.

Deyan Sudjic (Director of de Design Museum of London), Edgar Gonzalez (Director of the Bachelor in Design) and Martha Thorne (Dean of IE School of Architecture and Design) present the innovative reasons on why design is more important now than ever before.

iml_1889So the big question that was asked at yesterday’s event was why does design matter? And there is no one simple answer. There are many reasons as to why design is an important part of modern day life.

Deyan thinks that “Design matters because it´s a tool used to understand the world around us. Design is about asking questions and finding not ´the right answer´, but many possible solutions. Human beings are inquisitive by nature and have an innate need to touch and feel and make sense of the environment surrounding us. Design is an attitude, a way of understanding and synthesizing the world around us, without design this would not be possible. The world is changing and moving at such a speed that it can be hard to keep track of progress, but why do we perceive change to be fast? A large part of this could be to do with our age. When the introduction of trains and electricity to our society influenced the way we live is considered an enormous change, we perceive that the changes we are experiencing today to be equally important and will impact our lives in a monumental manner”. Our generation of professionals come from a time when someone would draw something on paper and then somebody would make it. Now designers come together to craft a product that is strategically intended to enhance user experience and fulfill a purpose in solution to a problem” Explains Sudjic.

iml_2157Edgar Gonzalez added that the Bachelor’s degree in Design from IE will prepare design professionals to face the technological challenges of the modern world: “It will equip students with the necessary skills to play a role in the design and creation of a product, from the early stages of concept and brain storming, right through to the physical making of the invention”. This course is suited for anyone who wishes to work as a design consultant, UX designer, a strategic designer, a visual designer or a product designer. As the world changes so too do the products we design and create, things are not always used solely for the purpose in which they were intended, for example Facebook and Youtube did not start out as global communication tools, but they have evolved to meet this need as we have changed the way in which we socialize and communicate. This is why design is important, because in a world that is constantly changing us so too must change, and not be left behind.

Edgar also introduced the Design Council, a partnership between professionals, industry and academia that creates a real opportunity for the creation of knowledge and innovation. Members of the Design Council will act as advisors to the Bachelor in Design program, forming a sounding board and a link to the broader community.