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Brezo Martos


Brezo Martos


Socia Directora, AMBITARE Architecture Strategies


Capstone: Reinventing Cities


Global Master in Real Estate Development

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Brezo has professional profile with a marked training and experience both in the Directive / Executive and Technical / Creative areas, combining the necessary skills to take on challenges that require expertise on both areas.

Throughout her career she has led financial, commercial, marketing and advertising, international expansion, technical, and human resources areas of different companies. All this has contributed to develop a professional career that has allowed her to assume top management positions.

After 7 years as CEO of the Arensa Group and more than 15 years of experience in Real Estate, her experience is so much more than the management of multidisciplinary organizations with different business areas, with an international career and highly specialized staff. Her versatile profile allows her to have a more flexible, open and creative vision ready to face the profound evolution that Real Estate is currently undergoing.

Her efforts have been focused on analysing and seeking solutions from a holistic and multidisciplinary, public and private point of view, to the challenges faced by cities in the 21st century. In this sense, the selection of her team as winners of the International Reinventing Cities 1 contest, which seeks to promote a resilient, social and environmentally sustainable urban regeneration, stands out.

Corporate Experience

• Managing Partner, AMBITARE Architecture Strategies, Spain, 2016 – Present

• Advisory Councillor (Urban Strategy), Fundación Pablo Iglesias, Spain, 2019 – Present

• CEO, Grupo Arensa, Spain, 2012 – 2017

• Deputy CEO, Grupo Arensa, 2010 – 2012

• Chief Architect, Ocepsa, 2000 – 2014

Academic Experience

• Speaker at the panel discussion “Towards an Ecosystem of innovation in the South and east of Madrid”, Lecture City, Innovation and Technology, USV UPM, Spain, 2019

• Speaker “Urban Ecosystem”, Call to Europe VIII, No step back!, FEPS, Spain, 2019

• Speaker “Sustainable Development Goals and Property Registry”, V Registry Congress, Spain, 2019

Academic Background

• Habitable Cities: Climate Change and City, Accessibility and Public Space. USV Univresidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain, 2018

• Housing, City and Territorial Rebalancing USV Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain, 2018

• Focused Programs: Women Board of Directors, IESE Business School, Spain, 2015

• Executive MBA Real Estate, Construction and Infraestructures, EOI Escuela de Organización industrial, Spain, 2011

• Architecture, ETSAM UPM, Spain, 1999