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Ignacio Calles


Ignacio Calles


Head of mobile business company Ideup!


Digital Environments


Master in Business for Architecture and Design

Master in Strategic Interior Design

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Ignacio Calles has had a long career in the field of technology, innovation and business development and heads the mobile business company, Ideup! He is involved with entrepreneurial and investment activity in other emerging businesses and acts as a mentor for Bolt Accelerator, a project funding organization and business accelerator in Malaga. He is a professor at The Valley, Digital Business School, in Madrid. As a freelance consultant, he strategically advises companies such as Banco Santander, Openbank, Helm Cinemas and BOE on mobile technology and new media.

He was the founder and CEO of conversa.com, which was later sold to Jazztel and MobileSnack Labs, a technology consulting and mobile solutions provider. He successfully launched the project, obtained venture capital funds and, after three years of operation, sold the company. He has been manager of Babcock Wilcox, Electronic Data Systems Spain and, most recently, Nokia Networks Spain. In each of these positions he has developed and led projects where technology is used for business transformation.

He holds an advanced degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.