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Cem Kayatekin


Cem Kayatekin


Assistant Professor, IE School of Design and Architecture


Design Studio IV / Urban Management I / City Context


Bachelor in Architectural Studies

Cem S. Kayatekin holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Auburn University, a Master of Architecture from Cornell University, and a Ph.D. in Architecture from the University of Oregon, completed under the tutelage of Howard Davis.

His teaching and research interests are focused on:

(1) the topic of urban socioeconomic resilience and inclusivity, specifically within the context of how the physical, the socioeconomic, and the political dynamics of a city operate and overlap;
(2) discourse analysis relating to complex adaptive systems and socioeconomic resilience;
(3) architecture and urbanism as a product caught between the realms of societal politico-economics on the one hand, and the more-localized and at times individualized processes of problem resolution on the other;
and (4) the just city, and the right to the city that it encompasses.

Cem is also the co-founder of DICE group, an architecture, and urbanism firm anchored primarily in Sri Lanka.