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Cristina Sanjuan


Cristina Sanjuan


Part of the Sustainability and Energy Consulting department at Arup Spain


New Construction, Design & Development


Master in Real Estate Development

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Cristina Sanjuan is leading the Environmental & Building Physics team as part of the Sustainability and Energy Consulting department at Arup Spain, where she has been working since 2013. This team is focused in providing novel design solutions to the built environment by using advanced computational tools.

Cristina is an expert in the fields of sustainability, energy and advanced building design, specialized, as PhD, in combining technical delivery with cutting-edge scientific skills. She has been involved in projects at very different scales: ranging from the development of the Energy Efficiency Guidelines of a full country as Nigeria, to the design of individual buildings or singular spaces, as the Venezuela National Football Stadium, and including sustainability advisory for Master Plan developments like “Distrito Castellana Norte” in Madrid.

Prior to joining Arup Cristina worked during more than 10 years as senior researcher in two National Labs, National Research Centre for Energy, Environmental and Technology (CIEMAT) and National Centre of Renewable Energy (CENER), where she developed a wide experience in coordinating, managing and developing Research & Development public funded strategic projects. Cristina is PhD in Energy Engineering by the University of Oviedo. Previously she earned a MsC in Energy Engineering from the Technical University of Valencia in parallel with a MsA in Philosophy from UNED University.