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Diego Romón


Diego Romón


Partner of PDPTalentum


Negotiation and Decision Making


Global Master in Real Estate Development

Master in Business for Architecture and Design

Master in Strategic Interior Design

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Diego Romón is Partner of PDPTalentum, a consultancy firm that aims to align business strategy with human resource concerns.  He implements plans for development and continuous improvement that provide flexibility, agility and motivation for a variety of organizations. Additionally, he is co-founder of Miramusei, a start-up that features Telefónica as a partner, and aims to promote the engagement of technology with art.  Miramusei has been one of the winners of the Wayra acceleration platform of ideas.

Romón has extensive experience in business consulting and business development projects for large companies in the IBEX 35. Conscious that the management of change always involves individuals, and that leadership is an essential characteristic for management, he has led numerous projects for management development and the screening of high performance teams.

Romón has degrees in Law and in Business Administration and Management as well as an advanced MBA from IE University. He works with King Development Advisory Training (part of King’s Group) and collaborates with the College of Civil Engineering and Channels and Ports of Madrid.