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Manuel Quirós


Manuel Quirós


BSc, MSc, PhD Biology. Owner of NIU Sustainability & Biomimicry Consulting. Founder of Biomimicry Iberia Association.


Sustainability & Slow Fashion Lab


Bachelor in Design

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Manuel Quirós is an Adjunt Professor at IE School of Architecture & Design and the Director of The Slow Fashion Lab, pioneer at IE. He is a lecturer in Biomimicry in the Design & Innovation Master program at IED and leads an annual trip to the Amazonian to explore ways to enhance local indigenous economies. During the last year, he has been giving lectures to several institutions in South America. He combines his academic career with research, conferences and publications in biomimicry.

Manuel is deeply involved in regenerative projects in the Colombian Amazonia with indigenous communities in collaboration with the government and other local institutions. He is the co-founder of Biomimicry Iberia and Planeta Biomimetico España, both institutions deeply connected with bio inspiration. His blog is unique in the Spanish language, and he is a contributing editor of the award-winning publication Zygote Quarterly Journal.

His professional practice is mainly focused on how nature/sustainable and regenerative innovative strategies can be applied to any human sector, from design to business.