Student Stories

Letizia, Madrid (Spain)

Founder and creative director of Kaura Studio
"At IE A&D we are not trained to solely be architects in the traditional sense - we are shown the millions of possibilities that a degree in architecture can give you!"
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Pietro, Milan (Italy)

Co-Founder and Leader of Architecture Projects at IArchitects
"Studying the the Master in Business for Architecture and Design at IE has opened my eyes to a new way of approaching my vocation. The program has aided me in becoming more organized and a better professional!"
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Nikolaus, Munich (Germany)

Real Estate Investment Consultant at TME Associates
"Learning to collaborate with different people from different cultures and backgrounds enriches everyone’s mind."
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Tanvi, New Delhi (India)

Community Design Manager at
"The most important aspect that factored in my growth during the program was the wide range of highly driven professionals from around the world."
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Sudharsana, New Delhi (India)

Architect at Populous
"One of the key aspects of the course was the vast spectrum of people I got to interact with – both in terms of geography and experience."
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Maricruz, A Coruña (Spain)

Project Designer at Zara Studio (Inditex)
"It is not only my life that has changed, but also myself! Thanks to the MSD and its forward thinking approach, I have a wider perspective on design, architecture and business."
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Paula, Bogotá (Colombia)

Architect and Founder at Echeverrimontes
"I am very proud of being part of a community that is as dynamic and creative as IE!"
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Marina, Madrid (Spain)

Lighting Designer at Arup
"Doing my bachelor degree at IE School of Architecture and Design meant that once I finished I already had some work experience with my internships done, and that helped a lot when looking for the first real job."
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Sitou, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Computational Designer at UNStudio
"My learning extended beyond the academic."
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Jale, Dubai (UAE)

Landscape Architect at Perkins and Will’s
"There is always so much you can bring in to create spaces that motivate people to engage with their environment - which is my ultimate goal when designing anything!"
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Jacobo, New York (USA)

Junior Architect at Steven Holl Architects
"Studying at IE School of Architecture and Design and having the opportunity to do several internships abroad really helped me to understand the role of the architect in a global scale."
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Lola, Madrid (Spain)

EMEIA Design & Framework Manager at Ernst and Young (EY)
"While studying the Master in Strategic Design of Spaces I grew on both a personal and professional level."
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Tunisha, Singapore (Republic of Singapore)

Junior Architect at Kerry Hill
"Think deeply about what you want to do and ask yourself fundamental questions. Don't settle for second best!"
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Jo-Anne, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Associate at Gensler
"There is a permanent challenge for architects and it is to protect the building, it could be part of the legacy for future generations. That is a big responsibility!"
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