"I chose this degree because I always wanted to study design and IE University offers the perfect business integrated approach to design."

Anurag, Dehradun (India)

Bachelor in Design

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Anurag Phalke

About me

I love the multidisciplinary university experience I have at IE. I’m completing a degree in design, but I have the chance to get involved in so many different types of activities. From studying Spanish with international friends, to playing badminton every Monday, cooking meals together with my housemates or photographing every corner of picturesque Segovia, I’m able to enjoy all of my interests and get inspired by the unique, diverse students I meet every day.

Anurag Phalke, Dehradun (India)


University Student

Program studied

Bachelor in Design

Anurag has taken advantage of IE University’s commitment to diversity, getting involved in a range of activities and exploring Segovia with international friends. Collaborative projects, a business centered approach to design, the chance to network with students from a range of disciplines and the practical experiences he gets with program components like Design Studio, allow him a holistic educational experience at IE University.

Studying design at IEU in Segovia is about a lot more than what you learn in the classroom.

Anurag Phalke, a Bachelor in Design student studying in Segovia, is inspired by hands-on collaborative classes, international friends and the picturesque setting that surrounds him. Take a peek into a typical day in his life, why he is enchanted by Segovia and how the IEU experience is expanding his horizons.

  • What is a day at IE University like?
    I arrive at 9:00 am on campus just in time for my first class. Afterwards, I write down a schedule for myself so I don’t forget to do anything important. I love using the time between class sessions to get organized. Around 1:00 pm, I head over to my Spanish lessons. Learning a new language alongside my friends is my favorite part of the day. Later on, I have an hour for lunch. Usually, I use this time to enjoy a quick meal with my classmates. Other times, if I have a lot of work to do, I eat alone while working on a project in the Design Studio. After lunch, I am back to class! My professors always have something interesting planned for us, and I love working on collaborative projects with my classmates. Around 5:00 classes are over for the day. I head back home to relax with my friends, and we enjoy a lovely home-cooked meal together. Afterwards, my friends and I walk to the Aqueduct. From there, we take a bus to the sports complex. We meet some classmates for badminton. After the badminton match ends, we return home. Before going to bed, I get my things ready for tomorrow.
  • Why did you chose to study the Bachelor in Design?
    I started my degree in September 2017. I chose this degree because I always wished to study design and IE University offers the perfect business integrated approach to design.
  • What do you like the most about living in Segovia?
    Segovia is an amazing, and incredibly beautiful place to live in. I love photography and Segovia never fails to surprise me by showcasing the perfect scenes for it.
  • What do you like most about studying at IE University?
    The diversity and uniqueness of people you can meet at IE University is amazing. People who aren’t studying the same things freely engage with one another and I feel that’s an amazing way to network and have a multidisciplinary university experience.
  • Are you involved in any extracurricular activities?
    Yes, I love playing Badminton, and I play with other students every Monday. It provides the perfect break from academics.
  • What are you favorite subjects and why?
    I love Design Studio, since it allows the students a very practical educational experience and I believe it is a great way to get to know my classmates and learn some vital professional skills.