“Thanks to the extensive skills and knowledge I acquired in the Master in Strategic Interior Design, I now possess the tools needed to respond to my clients’ changing demands with a completely updated viewpoint.”

Borja, Spain

Master in Strategic Interior Design

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Borja Esparza Pamplona

About me

For me, architecture has been as much a vocation as it has been a profession. Although architecture has always been an integral part of my life, after graduating from the Master in Strategic Interior Design (formerly Master in Strategic Design of Spaces), I feel empowered to further expand my horizons and continue to explore new creative landscapes. Outside of work, I love photography, art and ceramics—anything that allows me to create and grow!

Borja Esparza Pamplona, Spain


Workplace & Change Management Consultant at JLL

Redesigning the work-life balance

Born in Bilbao, Borja grew up surrounded by some of the most innovative and unique structures in the world. Before attending IE School of Architecture and Design, he had already started building on his international perspective with degrees in architecture from both Donostia and Bordeaux. Now working in Madrid as a workplace consultant at JLL, Borja is reimagining the future of office spaces.

In a post-pandemic world where the status quo is to expect the unexpected, Borja continues to  search for thoughtful answers to the new questions that are constantly arising.

“Although the future remains uncertain, it’s up to designers to try to find answers. Strategic interior design has never been so important, and now is the time to specialize in this critical field.”

Applying the forward-thinking mentality he learned throughout his studies to his professional role, Borja recognizes that the synergy between humans and technology is now more important than ever. He notes that the contemporary fixed notion of offices and workspaces is changing, especially as we are being forced to adapt to previously inconceivable situations in both our professional and personal lives. Borja sees this new reality as an exciting opportunity to reshape these spaces and, in turn, improve our work-life balance.

Instead of rendering the physical office obsolete, Borja believes these spaces are now more important than ever, and he envisions a fluid workspace model that allows more freedom. Depending on the task, employees will have the choice between working from home or coming into the office, a modular composition which may be conducive to heightened creativity and efficiency. Borja believes that these adaptable spaces will change our approach to work forever and, more importantly, prepare us for any future uncertainties and potential questions. This refreshing outlook on workspaces is one of the many future-proof perspectives he gained while studying the Master in Strategic Interior Design.

Borja’s advice to prospective students would be to always remain open to change and innovation in order to stay ahead of the curve. He encourages future designers to remain informed and prepared in order to be able to anticipate future change. Borja believes it’s time to pick and choose the best parts of both worlds of work. We at IE School of Architecture and Design look forward to seeing how Borja finds innovative ways to change office spaces with his newly acquired skills.