“Without a doubt, the IE community (students, staff and educators) have enriched my personal and professional lives. They have and continue to inspire my growth as a designer.”

Farah, United Arab Emirates

Master in Strategic Interior Design

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Farah Sabobeh

About me

After training as an architect, I completed the Master in Strategic Interior Design at IE University, and this program played an integral part in cementing my interest in community-powered and human-centric work. Currently, I am working independently as a Cultural Consultant and Design Strategist, mainly collaborating with creative, purpose-driven organizations in the UAE. The projects we undertake aim to create long-term impact through design, while fostering a community-powered approach to problem solving.

Farah Sabobeh, United Arab Emirates


Cultural Consultant and Design Strategist

Farah was inspired to get involved in the world of strategic design through being based in Dubai, one of the fastest-developing cities in the world. This environment called for Farah to create thoughtful and purposeful approaches to both design and business, all while considering local and global trends. These trends constantly challenge her to provide spaces and strategies that are unique, innovative and sustainable, yet simultaneously maintaining their authenticity.

Farah feels that today more than ever, strategic design for business is key to rethinking why, what and how designers work, and therefore, has made this her daily focus. A typical day in her working life involves exploring synergies with the creative community, curating tailored events and programming and developing spatial, social and organizational solutions that involve and include communities.

“The program cemented my interest in community-powered and human-centered work. It has not only made me a better architect, but an even better person.”

For Farah, different projects come with different challenges, and it is difficult to compare them. However, 2020, and the challenges it brought, has transformed the way that the world does business, and Farah looks forward to both witnessing and greatly contributing to the more agile and adaptive work methods of the future.

The Master in Strategic Interior Design was, in Farah’s words, inspiring, and has not only made her a better architect, but also a better person. Besides the technical knowledge provided through the program, Farah was mostly inspired by the relevant and key training offered in interpersonal skills, such as empathy, agility, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and more.

For future students of this master’s program, Farah’s advice is to enjoy the process and be open and accessible throughout the journey. They should also try to absorb and retain as much of the experience as possible! In her own words, students “must be comfortable in being uncomfortable.”


Farah’s website: www.farahsabobeh.com