“As soon as I joined the program, I noticed that the professors were among the best real estate professionals in Spain and Europe. That’s when I knew that I was on the right track.”

Juan, Mexico

Master in Real Estate Development

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Juan Ortiz Monasterio

About me

I started my professional career as an architect, having studied my Bachelor’s in Architecture and Urbanism at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. After several years of working within the field of architecture, I realized that there’s more complexity to the buildings and structures in our cities. That’s what sparked my interest in the world of real estate. A few of my friends recommended IE University to me when I was looking into programs in the US and Europe. Once I found the Master in Real Estate Development program at the IE School of Architecture and Design, the decision was a no brainer.

Juan Ortiz Monasterio, Mexico


Development Associate at Thor Urbana

Juan learned a great deal during the Master in Real Estate and Development. He’s grateful for learning practical, real-world knowledge from some of the best real estate professionals in Europe. He also expanded his network and learned about new cultures from his classmates, who came from all around the world with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Contributing to his practical learning experience was his final capstone project, in which Juan developed a 50-year business plan to develop an abandoned industrial area in Madrid by creating a health district, capitalizing on the existing hospitals and health-related businesses. The business plan included detailed information regarding a variety of stages, including architecture, financial indicators, current and future rents, return on investment and exit strategies for investors, all backed by a legal structure, market research and comparable developments around the world.

Working on the capstone project helped Juan solidify these concepts and apply them to his job as a Development Associate at Thor Urbana. Juan’s background in architecture and real estate allows him to bridge the gap between creatives and business-oriented people, who are constantly in conflict with each other. He is currently leading the development of The Ritz-Carlton in Mexico City and a new Soho House Hotel in Tulum.

Juan describes the Master in Real Estate Development as “whole,” a comprehensive program that has given him a good understanding of most real estate concepts.

Despite that, he recommends those studying the program to be comfortable with uncertainty and prepared for change. It’s a lesson we’ve all been forced to learn in 2020, and one that we may need for the future as well.