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S’Arenal Market Strip – connecting, engaging, unveiling

In a neighborhood where mass tourism has destroyed its urban qualities and the deep soul of its people, S’Arenal Market Strip is a thesis project that is conceived as a strategy to face urban and social dispersion through the reinterpretation of the traditional Majorcan market.

The activity of the market is re-introduced into contemporary S’Arenal as an alternative for a more local touristic model, in which local traditions are valued, local urban qualities are enhanced and respected, and the presence of local people is highlighted, bringing back a meaning to the neighborhood.

The Market Strip operates as an urban connector-regenerator that aims to revive S’Arenal and rescue the buried identity of a neighborhood that felt once proud of it.

S'Arenal Market Strip Video

Explanatory video of Deiene Gonzalez Uriarte's Thesis Project of 2017

Deiene Gonzalez Uriarte - S’Arenal Market Strip | IE School of Architecture and Design

Deiene Gonzalez Uriarte at Finish Line Exhibition June 2017

Class of 2012 - S’Arenal Market Strip - Student Porjects | IE School of Architecture and Design

Class of 2012, Professors, guest Juan Tur and Martha Thorne with group model at Finish Line Exhibition June 2017