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The Meeting

“The Meeting” envisions bringing life to a mixed-use development in the center of Madrid near Alonso Martinez. The plan consists of attaching a contemporary building to the Palacio de Ustariz, which is the only remaining neoclassical building in the area. While preserving the building’s architectural heritage, the added structure will provide added value, including facilities such as squash courts, a public library, and a rooftop terrace and restaurant.

One of the project’s objectives is to retain and adapt the best features of the grammar in the neighboring fabric, so these can later be transformed into compositional features.
The exterior has been designed to reflect Madrid’s cultural scene. The aim is to construct a contemporary piece of art that still embodies the traditional architecture of the Palacio de Ustariz, with its variegated textures, beautifully designed balconies and outstanding attention to detail.

In order to preserve, stabilize and re-adapt the spaces within the Palacio de Ustariz, a series of wooden insertions—such as library shelves and tables—will be placed throughout the Palace's rooms. This produces a spatial dialogue by creating interiors within interiors, entirely transforming the inside of the palace while at the same time leaving it virtually untouched.