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El Nostre Nou Port. Recovering the Harbor of Valencia

Valencia’s city and harbor are seen as independent entities that are separated by numerous physical barriers. The El Nostre Nou Port is a design proposal that seeks to connect these two sites, while taking into account the histories of each. Creating this connectivity acts as the first of two design challenges in this proposal. The second challenge involves understanding the harbor’s historical elements and discovering how to reactivate the existing structure without damaging its essence. These two challenges are the pillars of this proposal, and have informed the project’s two design principles: connectivity and respect.

In order to resolve the first challenge, further considerations are to be taken into account, including: the current and future needs of the area, urban strategies, allowing access points to visitors, safe transportation, and reducing the distance between the city and the harbor. In developing the second principle—respect—the oldest part of the Valencian harbor will become the focal point, completely reactivating it.

To achieve these objectives, a set of architectural anchors will be spread out along the harbor. This will create a consistent image of the area that enhances its dominant maritime identity. With the addition of new harbor piers, people will be able to interact with the water’s edge, while a minimalistic metal ribbon will host educational activities. Finally, towers will be inserted on the Tinglados, which are traditional shelters sometimes used for boats. Together, these developments will mark a new beginning for the harbor, and help it become a landmark in the process.

Overall, the aim of this project is to enhance the existing shoreline by leveraging the Tinglados’ maritime identity and creating a new, dominant façade for the city—united by the guiding principles of connectivity and respect. By building a waterfront park with a strong city presence, keeping its history up-to-date, and establishing prominent public access points, Valencians will once again have access to the city’s shoreline.