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Entre Barrios

The Entre Barrios project intends to celebrate the theatricality of daily life. The Valencian neighborhood El Cabanyal has been affected by a series of events that have led to its late decadence and disconnection to its surroundings, altering the infrastructure of the area and the lives of people rooted in the community. This has awakened local initiatives that use performance art as a fighting tool to express the community’s identity.

This 600-meter-long street project aims to create an environment for the spirit of Broadway to prosper, where planned or impromptu street performances can take place. This is made possible by new paving that reconnects three currently divided adjacent neighborhoods. In this way, the project reimagines the street as a contemporary stage for the spectacle of public life, highlighting the theatricality of our nature.

The constructed elements of the project aim to showcase different intangible aspects of the neighborhood and can all be locally produced, thereby providing locals with the opportunity to create each one of the thousand elements that together form a play. In this sense, the street becomes a play in itself.

The proposal also aims to improve the neighborhood’s image as well as its capacity for tourists, while offering locals previously lost services by extending its infrastructure at the street and building level.