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Epicentro Natural

Epicentro Natural is located in Medellín, Badajoz, on an empty piece of land by the Guadiana River between the historic town and the modern residential area of Quinto Cecilio. It is one of the best places to study the natural environment of Extremadura.

In the center’s exhibition hall, visitors can learn interesting information about the region’s nature. The center is also equipped with a video room where visitors can watch short clips about the local natural environment. Guests then have the opportunity to go outdoors and discover real-world examples of everything they learned from the exhibitions. The building also houses a small research facility where scientists work to protect the natural surroundings.

Epicentro Natural also includes a public plaza, cafeteria and reception area—all of which seamlessly fit in with the local environment. The grounds are adapted daily to the needs of the center, while never disrupting the local ecosystem.