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Ndlovu Educational Hub

Educor is an active business in the South African educational sector that needs to be restructured to remain afloat. While the company was historically a major player in the sector, in more recent times their diverse learning programs have failed to attract and retain students in the current learning economy. The success of this project involves balancing the business platform with physical design elements. To achieve this, it is important to consider the internal and external stakeholders at play, as well as the physical nature of an educational environment. The challenges that will need to be considered stem from the interplay of accessibility, flexibility and versatility in a changing world, combined with the budget constraints relating to a tiered economy of learners.


The name of this project is Ndlovu Educational Hub, which translates to “Elephant Educational Hub.” In South African culture, white elephants symbolize matriarchal leadership, strength, unity, community and intelligence. Drawing from this theme, the physical space will be a place where circular learning and connected learning programs can take place. To facilitate this, the idea of lifelong learning was placed at the core of the design concept. The design was kept fluid, adaptable and inclusive to enable value-added learning enhancements and allow for practical, relevant learning applications.

The proposed site is in the center of Cape Town, accessible to the city and with outdoor access to cultivate a relationship between both environments. The presentation takes a more abstract design view of the project. This was done in order to enhance the internal, external and cognitive aspects that comprise a community-centric learning hub.