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Interaction and Digital Tools

"Interaction and Digital Tools" is one of the courses in our Bachelor in Design.

The overarching goal is to introduce students to the foundations of visual communication (form) and interaction (function), and encourage them to develop a productive, playful, and inquisitive relationship with digital technology.

Students have worked individually and in groups to fine-tune the user stories for their apps, and to create a user flow that will list the most important features and tasks.

Students' Work - App Store



Mujoji is a living creature dwelling within your phone. By listening to others’ music through augmented reality, mujoji interacts with other mujojis and evolves into a happier and even more live entity. Your focus as its owner is not to let it die but to keep it as happy as possible.


Need cash? No ATMs nearby? Pickpocket helps you withdraw cash from people. No more need to get rejected at the cashier when they’re too archaic to accept Visa, with Pickpocket you’re able to withdraw money from other users for a small fee. Rest assured that the app is safe and all users are verified to ensure the safety of your money.


ART.EXHIBIT supports amateur and aspiring artists’ creative journey from start to finish; with the necessary tools, an expressive community, and connections required to unlock their potential. It’s a platform for artists, by artists; where they can inspire and get inspired, create new exhibitions within existent famous gallery spaces, gaining promotion and recognition as well.


Boardless enables its users to play boardgames whenever and wherever they like, without the actual necessity of bringing the board-game. Augmented Reality warrantees its user can connect with their friends by scanning their faces.


The app that helps you save money while shopping, effortlessly.


Rebalance is the app to get your real life back on track. Nowadays people are spending too much time on their social media. Rebalance helps you get away from that and out into the streets! Rebalance counts the steps you take during your day. It will block your desired social media apps and will only let you access them when you trade steps in for social media minutes.


Behart is an app created for inquisitive art admirers. It is the way to discover what is behind the creation of every great masterpiece by portraying the different ideas, through sketches, the artist had in mind during the process of brining to life our favorite art works. Additionally, Behart lets you save your favorite painting and sculptures, as well as, search for museums and exceptional events near you.

Run Forrest Run

Run Forrest Run is the app to get the most out of your walks. This app allows you to get a quick workout when en route to your destination. Run Forrest Run has a set of preset tracks where a large amount of foot traffic is observed. The app uses Augmented Reality to make you complete easy tasks such as avoiding obstacles and sprinting a short distance while on the way to your destination.


Learn to cook the dishes you love with Waitery. A revolutionary app where one can cook the meals they ordered while waiting for them to arrive. By the time you’ve finished cooking your dish through the app, your dish will be served. Sit down at your favourite restaurant, open Waitery on your phone, scan your order receipt, choose out of your dishes ordered, learn to cook by playing the game, enjoy!