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Jose Cuervo

María Jose Nava Muñoz is the designer behind the Pasaje Jose Cuervo in Mexico. This uniquely integrated space represents the vision and values of the world’s leading producer of tequila, while also developing an outstanding asset for the people of Tequila, the city from which the drink takes its name.

It is a place for learning alongside personal and economic development. It’s a place where students, local residents, visitors and businesses can come together on site in one of Tequila’s largest residential zones. Pasaje Jose Cuervo aims to imbue a sense of belonging in both visitors and Tequila residents. It is, in short, a symbol of the company giving back to the community.

The space has a feeling of accessibility, opening up to its urban setting to draw people in naturally to the activities taking place there. Users of the space can learn about and enjoy Mexican culture, crafts, and food in what the designer describes as “a harmonic integration of public and private stakeholders.”