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La Milla Verde

A proposal for the integral regeneration of the land of "Colonia de Campamento", located north of Madrid. This brownfield area belongs to various landowners, and it is compromised by the existence of various infrastructures and the future needs of new transport infrastructure, a bus interchange. Conditions to be considered are: high investment will be required to face the land regeneration, high-density development in order to achieve sustainability goals and a complex negotiation with multiple stakeholders, both from the public sector and the private sector. All this is highly conditioned by the need to carry out an urban integration with the existing city network.
  • Date

    July 2019

  • Program

    Master in Real Estate Development
  • Author (Students)

    Oscar Albert

    Alexandre Giorgetti

    Samuel de Jonge

    Laura Jiménez Manrique

    Alfredo Sucre

    Christiaan François Joseph Marie de Haes

  • Tutors

    Flavio Tejada

    Daniel Fletcher

  • Subject

    Urban Development and Regeneration


Sustainably densifying & greening future communities.

La Milla Verde will serve as a mixed-use development site, harnessing a creative mixture of asset typologies all of which will work in conjunction with one another to create a truly beneficial and vibrant community.

With a strong focus on sustainability, innovative design ideas and a creative implementation of digital technologies Milla Verde will act as a powerful driver enabling Madrid to successfully compete as a top international destination.

Our project will be the first of a series of milestones in the greater Castellana Norte vision, acting as a business and commercial centre piece for the Madrid of the future. Research shows that people feel more comfortable if they have the opportunity to change and adapt their environment – we aim to deliver that environment and transform the area into a green, integrated community and a new fully-fledged urban centre for the North of Madrid.