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Sketching Ideas Book – Design Annual Journal Vol. 1

A compedium of essays written, designed and produced by Bachelor in Design 1st and 2nd year students.

The objective of Sketching Ideas is to focus the spotlight again on the critical and theoretical frameworks that sustain the designer’s thinking process. The magazine showcases the written production of our students, the intellectual debates and production of thoughts that do not have a physical representation in our annual exhibitions. Besides, it is the start of archive of the concerns and reflections of our theoretical classes.

The publication is created by a team of students and professors. These essays, written during the first and second year of the bachelor, show an example of our understanding of design; of how ‘written design’ can produce new values in today’s society. They demonstrate how design can function as a placeholder for questions; how designers do not only produce objects or solutions but also participate in critical thinking, which will push our boundaries forward.
  • Program

    Bachelor in Design
  • Author (Students)

    Adelaida Balthazar, Rafaela Valencia-Dongo, Monica Pastor, Anna Lassen, Irene Delgado, Naqiya Kantawala, Federica Caso, Nicole Beltrán, Anurag Phalke, Mae White, Nicholas Saye, Alejandra Alonso-Majagranzas, MJ Heshiki

    The Designers: Federica Caso, Maria Jose Heshiki, Nicole Beltrán

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