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The Hub

The Hub is a space with the optimal environment for connecting, facilitating and enhancing growth and development. It is located in a specific section inside Leeds University campus because there is a numerous amount of activity and wide variety of people (age and culture) and both the city and the university are missing co-working spaces.

The Hub is creating a new and unique environment in order to invite citizens and students to develop their lives in harmony with nature and reach happiness.

The Hub has a wide variety of programs but the majority of the space are co-working spaces. The first decision was to elevate the hub in order to create a plaza and invite people to discover the space. All of the spaces have an ideal orientation, natural ventilation, artificial light and acoustic design and a lightweight structure, which is resolved with the best geometry rather than adding, mass.

The Hub is providing the world a sustainable design, due to the materiality, passive strategies and biophilic design that will reduce stress, improve well-being and enhance creativity and clarity of thought of people.